Call for Symposium Presenter Submissions

Call For Submissions

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The Fifth Annual Healing with Horse Symposium 

to be held at


Apache Springs Ranch outside Tucson, AZ April 28-30.

Symposium Submissions Are Now Closed.

Thank you for the HUGE number and variety of session proposals!

The Healing with Horse Annual Symposium is a cross-model, in-person Symposium for equine practitioners  and others wishing to team with horses to aid in experiential learning, healing, and spiritual enrichment.

The limited numbers of participants (the symposium is capped at 100 participants), highly horse-powered experiential nature of the sessions, the collegiality of a cross-model sharing space, and small groups are what make our symposium . . . 


And this year, the venue will be the recently re-opened Apache Springs Ranch in Sonoita, AZ outside Tucson. This is a magical place. Once the home of Linda Kohanov’s EponaQuest, we will all celebrate a homecoming of sorts for Linda, as she presents here again! She and Koelle Simpson, founder of the Institute for Equus Coachingwill be keynote speakers, and will be joined by a growing list of key professionals who have shaped our field!

Two Types of Experiential Activities Make this Symposium Uniquely Effective:

  1. Live Demonstration Facilitations with Horses: Participants learn by being active observers as presenters show a model, exercise, or illustrate a concept with horses.
  2. Smaller Group Facilitations with Horses: In these smaller breakout sessions with horses, attendees experience what a client feels in interaction with the horses. Learn an aspect of facilitation, and how what it’s like to experience the process. 

It is the Smaller Group Teaching sessions for which we are seeking submissions. Each breakout session is about an hour and a half, is in an arena or horse-friendly space with horses. Sessions need to teach and be experiential. 


BENEFITS of Being a Presenter

While there is no direct monetary compensation for your contribution, there are many benefits to your role as presenter. These include:

  • You will attend the Symposium for FREE*!
  • You will receive EXPOSURE to our unique, targeted, niche-specific global audience, raising awareness about your work and generating interest in your offerings.
  • You will have your own page on our website that also links to your site(s) and you are welcome to make an offer at the end of your session, as well as offer give-aways, to grow your own list and fill your own programs.
  • You will develop friendships and potential collaborators from our global community of intelligent, empowered, and fascinating participants and presenters. Professionals from 7 countries and all over the U.S. attended the 2016 Symposium. How many points on a map will be represented in 2017?!
  • Many of the participants and presenters from last year reported that the Symposium was life-changing, and that they experienced profound shifts in their inner landscapes as well as their facilitation skills, allowing them to serve their clients at a new level. As a presenter, you will be a shaper of the shifts the 2017 symposium makes possible.
  • Of course, most importantly, you receive the intrinsic reward of giving-back to your community, inspiring and uplifting others and serving horses along the way.

Please submit your general topic suggestion by emailing Diedre West at

Please provide:

  1. Name(s)
  2. Organization
  3. Social Media (like your website and/or Facebook page)
  4. Topic working title (does not have to be final)
  5. A short general description of your proposed topic. Details are welcome, but are not needed at this time. Remember that these are about 1 1/2-hour breakout experiential learning sessions with horses, with equine facilitators as your participants. 

IMPORTANT: Please put “2017 Symposium Submission” on your Email SUBJECT line, otherwise, your submission might get missed.


If your submission is selected, the following will be required:
  • You must be able to provide a written bio and bio picture for inclusion on the website.
  • You must be willing to have at least one planning session with Diedre Westfor which you provide a written outline of your session.
  • You must be able to attend the Symposium as an active participant on the days and times in which you are not a presenter.
  • You must pitch in as a volunteer for at least two scheduled times/jobs. This way we keep costs down for everyone, and assure that you are visible to participants, increasing your service to their experience.
  • Handouts are desirable if they suit your topic but not required.
  • Our event grows most effectively by word of mouth, so you must be willing to raise awareness about the Symposium to your own contacts/list at LEAST 2x before the Symposium.


** Please note: NONE of these things are required in order to submit your subject- they are only required should you be selected to participate as a presenter at the Symposium. To submit, see the guidelines above.

And remember, the SUBMISSION DEADLINE to participate as a presenter in the Fifth Annual Symposium is December 1, 2016.

However, sooner is better! 

* Please note, while the Symposium is free for presenters, pre- and post-symposium workshops will need to be purchased. These fees go to the workshop leaders and not the Collective. You will also be asked to pre-pay for lunches and dinners. Thank you!

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