Call for Submissions: 2017 Healing with Horse TeleSummit & Symposium

Please Note: Submissions for the 2017 Tele Summit Are Closed. Please go HERE for the Symposium Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions:

2017 Healing with Horse TeleSummit & Symposium

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We are now taking submissions for those who wish to contribute to the

5th annual Healing with Horse Tele-Summit to be held mid February 2017.

As well, this is an early call for submissions for the Symposium to be held at:

Apache Springs April 28-30.

The TeleSummit is a yearly online teaching event specifically for those who offer equine-assisted or -facilitated work. During the TeleSummit, equine facilitators teach a concept, activity or process that other equine facilitators can use in their own sessions, or for themselves or their horses.

We are looking for *fresh topics* to share with our global community of passionate equine-assisted facilitators!


BENEFITS of Being a Contributing Facilitator

While there is no direct monetary compensation for your contribution, there are many benefits to your participation. These include:

  • You will receive a FREE copy of the Tele-Summit, valued at $99.
  • You will receive EXPOSURE to our unique, targeted, niche-specific global audience, raising awareness about your work and generating interest in your offerings.
  • You will have your own page on our website that also links to your site(s) and you are encouraged to make an offer at the end of your session, as well as offer give-aways, to grow your own list and fill your own programs.
  • You have the opportunity to earn income by becoming an affiliate who sells Tele Summit sets, earning a percentage for every set that sells from someone on your own list.
  • Of course, most importantly, you receive the intrinsic reward of giving-back to your community, inspiring and uplifting others and serving horses along the way.



Please submit your general topic suggestion by emailing Diedre West at

Please provide:

  1. Name(s)
  2. Organization
  3. Social Media (like your website and/or Facebook page)
  4. Which event you are submitting a topic for (tele summit, symposium, or both).
  5. Topic working title (does not have to be final)
  6. A short general description of your proposed topic. Details are welcome, but are not needed at this time. 

IMPORTANT: Please put “2017 TeleSummit/Symposium Submission” on your Email SUBJECT line, otherwise, your submission might get missed.




If your submission is selected, the following will be required:
  • Your topic focuses on an aspect of equine work that can be TAUGHT to others on the phone in about 1.5 hours.  It must include a USEABLE concept, activity, or process that others can practice in their own sessions without further qualifications or training.
  • We prefer some experiential process that we can DO on the call so that listeners are invited not just to learn, but to shift while listening to the session. Depending on your topic, this “exercise” can just be a short practice that is somehow related to your main topic (it does not have to be the main topic).
  • You must be willing to engage in at least 1 pre-recording planning session via phone to go over your topic to ensure the best possible tele-teaching session.
  • You must be able to provide a *detailed* outline of your planned presentation at the time of recording.
  • You must be willing to prepare a HANDOUT of the pertinent processes/concepts of your presentation so that listeners can easily refer back to the handout.
  • You must be able to provide a written bio and bio picture for inclusion on the website.
  • You must be willing to meet your own deadlines (the ones you select!).
  • Our free event ONLY grows by word of mouth, so you must be willing to raise awareness about the Tele-Summit to your own contacts/list at LEAST 2x before your session goes live.


** Please note: NONE of these things are required in order to submit your subject- they are only required should you be selected to participate as a teacher in the TeleSummit. To submit, see the guidelines above.

And remember, the SUBMISSION DEADLINE to participate as a presenter in the Fifth Annual Tele Summit is October 22, 2016.

However, sooner is better! 

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