Fire Ceremony & Gratitude Ritual

You are invited to be represented at Barbara Breckenfeld's


Barbara says, "I am holding a simple, inclusive ceremony to nourish ourselves in community as we move into the winter season. Friends and members of my local community will gather in Seattle and circle around a sacred fire to:

  1. share our gratitude,
  2. give away what no longer serves us, and
  3. declare our intentions as we come into the shortest day of the year.

Please join us!"

All you have to do is write your first name and where you're from, then write down your gratitude(s), giveaway(s), and intentions in the comments section below or click here to submit in a private email. Diedre will collect all comments and send them in a document to Barbara on Friday, December 16th.

Barbara will speak them aloud as the gathering offers gratitudes to the fire for transformation. They may sing or drum as part of the ritual.

No experience with ceremony is needed -
just your open heart and willingness to share!


5 thoughts on “Fire Ceremony & Gratitude Ritual

  1. Gratitude: Deep gratitude for Divine’s transformation of my fear into rich receptivity opening my being as a vessel for divine communication.

    I give away all false beliefs, knowledge, misperceptions that limit my willingness to carry out the divine will for me.

    I intend to fully rely on the divine in creating a solvent, supportive and responsible presence that boldly participates in loving this world.

  2. I’m full of gratitude for where I am, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially. I have enough, I am enough. I live with abundance, which is shared with those the universe brings my way. I’m grateful for the continued guidance on this path, and look forward to the next steps in my destiny.

  3. Lovely Heather, and what a nice place, or space to be! Thank you for adding your words. I need to add my own. I keep thinking about it, mulling it…and admiring those who put words down the moment they feel the call to do so. Thank you!

  4. I offer my gratitude for for that which sparks a light both inside of myself, and all beings, and calls us forth to lead from our hearts evoking the wisdom that is deep inside to be brought forth as a lantern for those who see only darkness.
    I ask to release all doubts and fears that I have felt in being called to walk this path, all beliefs that are holding me back from sharing and shining my light.
    I declare that I am open to receive that which wants to flow through me, that I allow and be nourished and supported by that which flows through All of Life itself, being and embodying the harmonic vibration that supports the flow of Devine Love. And so it is

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