This is Big! The Full Lineup of the 14 Tele Summit Talks, an EquiHeart Pledge Event, and the Symposium

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You may have noticed, there’s some BIG ENERGY this month. And we are just around the corner from some big events!
The TELE SUMMIT FREE RELEASE begins Monday, March 28th! Even if you get this newsletter and/or have received the tele summit in past years, you must SIGN UP this year in order to receive emails for each of this year’s FREE Tele Summit Teaching Sessions.
This week’s newsletter will tell you about:
  1. full list of the Tele Summit sessions, presenters, and the dates of release,
  2. A special 4-day tribute to Dr. Jenn and Lead-in to this year’s Tele Summit: The EquiHeart Pledge. Come, Celebrate, Participate, Share! And,
  3. Registration for the 2016 Symposium in Dallas, Texas is here!
  4. Cavalia’s Frederic Pignon and Magali Delgado
1. Telesummit News:
The Tele Summit Release is just over a week away! Do make sure you are signed up. You MUST sign up this year in order to receive the email notices each day of the release, from March 28 to April 10. Signing up in past years does not place you on the list for this year’s emailed links, and getting this newsletter does not automatically sign you up. And I can guarantee you, you do not want to miss a day!
Each of these presenters is really remarkable, with excellent learning sessions both in terms of processes, as well as evocative conversations that explore innovations and frontiers that are changing daily as the world transforms.
The Set will be available for purchase beginning Monday, March 28th. But you can hear the sessions for free each day for a full 2 weeks! Click here for the Schedule. Truly a valuable gift to give yourself, even during busy days!
2. A 4-day version of the EquiHeart Pledge Will Begin Thursday, March 24th!
We will kick the tele summit off with a 4-day version of the Equiheart Pledge. As a celebration of spring, the horse, and Easter which occurs on the last day of this Pledge, you are invited to participate in this 4-day version of a process that Dr. Jenn developed, and that many have found life-enhancing. This is a way to honor and thank Dr. Jenn for what she has done for our industry with the founding of the Healing with Horse Collective. YOU are invited to participate in this process and way of sharing with a global community.
How will your life change if you tune into the Wisdom of Horse daily for 4 days? Please join the herd for a world-wide spiritual adventure with horse starting March 24th, 2016.
How to take the Pledge: Choose your favorite way to access the wisdom of horse each day, then visit the blog to uplift others by sharing your insights offered by horse. What message, energy, or awareness did Horse give you?
Plus, be empowered by the knowledge, healing, or inspiration horse has gifted others with that day! Short videos from some of the Tele Summit and Symposium presenters, as well as other leaders and practitioners in our field, will be posted each day, and you can then share your insights in the blog Comments section. It’s a sure way to add Horse Power to your life now- sparking more passion, purpose, and playfulness to your daily living.
Don’t have a horse in your life or can’t get to the barn everyday? You don’t have to physically be around horses to access their wisdom – you can tune into the Heart of Horse anytime, any place- with your intention. The Spirit of Horse will respond!
Join us for this exciting 4-day event to see how horse can Uplift your Life and bring you more Power, Passion, and Playfulness right away!
3. The 4th Annual Healing With Horse Symposium in Dallas, Texas May 26-30:
Caballo Andante Oct 4, 2013-192As the Healing with Horse Collective moves into it’s fourth year, it has moved to a different venue for this year, just north of Dallas, Texas! FireHawk Ranch in Aubrey, Texas, is less than an hour from DFW Airport, and is a lovely private ranch with amazing hosts, Jeannette and Lance Wright. And this year’s Symposium, with its three day-long workshops by Linda Kohanov on Thursday, May 26; Dune Lake Lodge’s team from New Zealand Friday, May 27; and Australia’s Peakgrove Solutions on Monday, May 30; not to mention the Symposium itself which will have many of this year’s Tele Summit speakers as well as other facilitators, will be an event to remember. Diedre will also have a post-conference Caballo Andante retreat called From a Whisper to a Dance May 31 – June 2 (already almost filled).
If you’re ready to change your life and your practice forever, set aside the dates, gather your friends and colleagues, and begin to plan your travel!
Registration will be up by the end of this week, but due to a number of requests, the pass purchase is available so that you can pre-register before the official Registration goes up later this upcoming week. All pricing and package options are up, and the Registration form will be emailed to you when it is available. Space is limited, so be looking for a newsletter later this week to announce that Registration has begun!
4. Cavalia’s Frederic Pignon and Magali Delgado

FireHawk Ranch is a special place, and today through Tuesday, the FireHawk facility and people will be hosting some of the most amazing trainers of our time, Cavalia performers Frederic Pignon and Magali Delgado! Two of the Caballo Andante herd, Denny and Fajah, have been selected to learn with me from Magali. I have focused on liberty work for so long, but when I asked the ten horses with me here in Texas what they wanted to do and who wanted to be submitted for consideration, I got clear answers that riding is what they want to do. So, we applied, and the two horses I submitted are in! I am so honored and excited.
There is more to this story, but I’ll save it for later, as this is already a very long newsletter. But I did want to share one story from the clinic today.
The last horse of the day for Frederic, teaching about liberty work in a round pen, was an 8-year-old mustang gelding named Raven. Frederic began to describe what he saw in this lovely mustang to Raven’s handler, the co-owner of a horse rescue called the Pegasus Project. Raven, it was clear, was struggling with feeling safe with humans. But, instead of focusing on the horse-human relationship itself, Frederic suggested offering something else, a job, that the handler and Raven could focus on together. Frederic then tapped the mustang’s front legs 3 times with his whip, each time waiting for Raven’s response and praising the most minuscule avoidance motion. At the same time, he told us, he visualized Spanish Walk. Then he spoke for a bit, and then said, “Oh, he’s ready.”
Frederic turned to face Raven, clucked to him, and with each rhythmic cluck (and no whip), Raven raised a leg in a lovely, and very clear, Spanish Walk. Must I add? The horse had never done this before.
The crowd clapped. The mustang lit up. Then he stood quietly while Frederic walked away to field end-of-day questions. Then, when Frederic went to him to walk with him to the other side of the round pen where the halter had been left, Raven walked behind him in Spanish Walk!
The power of these animals is not just physical, we all know this. But I invite you to ponder what, and how much, your horses receive from you all day and night, every day and night. And what they give all that time, too. None of us are ever without the horses in our lives and hearts, even when we are not physically with them.
Have a great week, and get ready for all to come!

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