The 2017 Tele Summit Complete Release

Friday March 10 



Many of you may, and many may not know the behind-the-scenes story of the tele summit release last year.

It was my first year to lead the Collective, as Dr. Jenn and I completed the transfer of business ownership, and to host the Tele Summit. And as I was preparing, I was moving to Texas–a place as you may have heard, I struggle to be in–to help my brother’s family, because my sister-in-law had been put on hospice care for the third time in a decade of fighting lupus.

Charlise Kindsfather 1-year anniversary of her transforming will be April 12, 2017

It was a battle she did not win. The last weeks were excruciating as the illness slowly ate away her lungs until she essentially suffocated to death. As the process continued and as each day of the Tele Summit FREE release happened, I worked on the teasers, releases, and technical support while laying in bed beside Charlise, stopping work to help her breathe–to calm the nervous system’s natural panic response to the sensation of being unable to take in oxygen. Tele Summit speaker and intuitive Jess Campmans was supporting me and the family. She sent love and support through healing energy, and I could know it, feel it, and observe Charlise respond. It was one remarkable thing in a transformative time.

Difficult as living had become, Charlise just couldn’t let go. It was torture watching her fight, and watching her slowly losing the battle. It was a dramatic underworld experience. In desperation one day, I asked the World/Oneness/God/Nature/Tapestry-of-Light-&-Dark what could be done. It was Jess who came to me with an idea. To get help from around the world, I could do a COMPLETE RELEASE of all the Tele Summit talks and request that people send releasing energy.

On April 11, 2016 at 2pm CST, the day after the final talk was due to be taken down, I instead released the full set for 24 hours. I didn’t clarify what was happening, just suggested we all send energy and celebrate life as we listened in one last day. In the web address for the page, I named it Charlise-Complete-Release.

It worked. In the most dramatic and interminable day due to the inability for Charlise to be kept medicated and out of pain and fear, with a hospice doctor, 6 nurses, and other hospice staff in the home as well as family from around the country–and one hour before the Complete Release was due to be taken down–Charlise released from this physical reality.

And so, in her memory, and in the memory of ALL loved ones now in soul-spirit form & no longer in physical form, we will again do a Tele Summit Complete Release, this time on Friday, March 10.

Legend, my soul mate, passed June 6th, 2015. Click the picture for the story.

There are many reasons, in this day and age, to do something extravagantly good, and for each of us to spend some time sending love and healing, appreciative energy out as we listen.

I know that many have lost loved ones in recent times, as this is a transformative time. I know many have had sacred experiences that change or challenge beliefs and understandings, as well as grief and incredible renting-of-the-veil-between-worlds revelations. I know these are tender but mythic events. And I know not everyone has yet experienced a monumental loss. But everyone will.

But this is not the only way in which the veil between worlds opens. Gizelle Hamilton, for example, had a baby between her proposal of her talk, and the delivery of the talk! You may have heard baby noises in the background as Gizelle’s mother brought her newborn son to her to nurse, then quietly took him away for a nap, as Gizelle spoke!

And so however you know the world to offer everyday, and not-so-every-day miracles, I invite you to spend some time with those realities this Friday. This Complete Release is dedicated to ALL those lost–two- and four-legged alike, as well as all those who have entered this world, to all the magic that brings humans

For this little one’s story, click the image…

and horses together in ways that defy understanding, as even birth and death–the simplest things–also defy knowing without the accompanying wonder of it all.

Love to you all, and I wish you well, and wish also for you to thoroughly ENJOY this gift of the COMPLETE RELEASE!

17 thoughts on “The 2017 Tele Summit Complete Release

    1. Thanks Ginny! Thanks for all you do as well, and for making the Symposium happen! So looking forward to seeing you there!

  1. Oh just to be a part of this goes beyond words . Thanks for letting us know some of the behind the scenes . Y’all put so much of yourselves in this and I am forever grateful. Today, I will do a meditation with my Native American Flute in honor of how grateful I am . For all that are” Behind “and to those that will be touched with the “Beyond “..the scenes of this beautiful work … neigh~maste dONNA ❤️

    1. Lovely! You’ll have to put your new song up in the FB group! The other one was SO perfect and beautiful! Thank you Donna!

  2. So blessed to have found you, this is what feels like home to me. Now I know what my next chapter in life is…

    1. Oh Sharon, that is WONDERFUL! I’m so glad! Would you be willing to share a bit of what this next life chapter might look like? It’s always good to share dreams…!

  3. Dear Diedre,
    Thank you for bringing this all together. It is heartening to hear all the wonderful healing work with horses that is being done throughout the U.S. And the world. I deeply appreciate the loving back story of your sister-in-law dying as you prepared for last year’s TeleSummit.
    I have experienced my own health struggles in the past few years. I am grateful to be doing this work. I have enjoyed listening to the various speakers and pondering possibilities.
    With gratitude,

    1. Oh THANK YOU Beth. I’m sorry to hear about your health struggles. This has been an epic journey, and I know it is a journey many are on in very resonant ways. Love to you!

  4. Thank you Diedre! I will hold a space for all of your family as I listen again to this informative series.
    With deep appreciation for all you have provided,

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