The 2016 Telesummit and Symposium Dates are Here!

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Hello! This is Diedre West. In this blog, you’ll find highlighted some of the Healing with Horse Collective’s major events for this spring:

  1. To be able to offer an expanded set of learning sessions, including learnings from Linda Kohanov of Eponaquest, Lynn Thomas of EAGALA, and Trish Broersma of PATH, the Healing with Horse Telesummit FREE release dates have moved to March 28th – April 9th. You can SIGN UP using the form on the right panel of this site. If the sign-up form does not appear to the right, scroll down and find it at the bottom of the page.
  2. The 2016 Symposium will be held this year in Dallas, Texas, May 28th – 29th. 
  3. Symposium keynote speaker Linda Kohanov will offer a pre-Symposium one-day workshop on Thursday, May 26th, and
  4. The New Zealand-based Dune Lakes Lodge team Rob Pliskin, Rosemary Wyndham-Jones, and Alistair Wait will offer a workshop just prior to the Symposium kickoff on Friday, May 27th. Then Australian team Joanne Byrnes and Saan Ecker will hold a one-day post-Symposium workshop on Memorial Day, May 30th!
  5. To kick all of these remarkable events off, we will hold a 4-day Equi-heart Pledge event that concludes on Easter Sunday. Click here for more information.


The Fourth Annual Healing with Horse TeleSummit:

The first bit of news is the TeleSummit FREE release dates and sign-up. Be sure to sign up to receive notification of each day’s teaching session, as they are released for 24 hours each March 28th to April 9th.

The new public release dates accommodate an expanded learning series. Sign up so you can hear:

  • Eponaquest leader Linda Kohanov speak about the major learning she gained when researching and writing her upcoming book The 5 Roles of the Master Herder (due out in June!)
  • EAGALA founder and president Lynn Thomas give an introduction to the EAGALA model, and
  • PATH’s Trish Broersma offer insights into the deep benefits of teaming with horses trained in liberty work.

So put on your calendar the dates March 28th to April 9th, and be sure to sign up for the reminder emails and the FREE release of each TeleSummit talk.

As in past years, each learning session will be released FREE for you to listen to for a 24-hour period. As well, the set of 2016 Healing with Horse Telesummit talks will be available for purchase and download—look for more information soon!


The 2016 Symposium to be Held in Dallas, Texas May 27th – 29th:

This year’s Symposium promises to be a gathering not to be missed! For one, this year’s conference marks the beginning of the Symposium’s movement to different regions of the country, starting with this year’s location in Dallas, Texas. And with a 1-day pre-Symposium workshop by Linda Kohanov on Thursday, May 26th, another workshop just before the Symposium kick-off on Friday, May 27th with the Dune Lakes Lodge team from New Zealand, and a post-Symposium workshop on Memorial Day, Monday May 30th with Australia’s Joanne Byrnes and Saan Ecker, you can expect a truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn, gather with colleagues and friends, and feel yourself uplifted and inspired in your work.

FireHawk Ranch, where the Symposium will be held in Aubrey, TX just north of Dallas, is a beautiful, private, treed space that allows for the gathering of like-minded healers and professionals. Linda Kohanov, already one of our field’s preeminent representatives, will be offering three opportunities to learn. First, learn from her in a one-day workshop on Thursday, May 26th where Linda will cover material from her soon-to-be-released fifth book The 5 Roles of the Master Herder. Top professionals in the leadership-development world are already calling Linda’s book one of the most important works about collaborative leadership. Then have dinner with friends and colleagues as you listen and watch Linda’s keynote address on Friday evening. And finally, learn more about Eponaquest’s apprenticeship and upcoming “graduate” facilitator trainings as Linda offers a demonstration and talk.

Then meet the lovely team of facilitators from Dune Lakes Lodge in Aukland, New Zealand. Rob Pliskin, Rosemary Wyndham-Jones, and Alistair Wait offer a workshop that reveals some of the inner workings of their team and horsework that elicit such words as “sacred” and “magical” from those who experience it. Not far from the beach and with horseback rides that include swimming in the property’s own lake and it’s amazing herd of 20 horses that represent a four-generation family system, this team and the Dune Lakes resort have drawn people to stay, learn, and rejuvenate from around the world.

Then there will be the Symposium itself! Learn from generous and practiced presenters working in experiential sessions with the Caballo Andante herd of horses and FireHawk’s own equine healers, meet new colleagues and old friends alike, and feel yourself refreshed and renewed in your own work and inspired by the innovations of others. More about these presenters and their topics to be revealed soon!

And complete your remarkable Healing with Horse experience with a post-conference workshop offered by Australians Jo Byrnes and Saan Ecker. This workshop will reveal how family systems, ancestral and other energies can be revealed and healed by horses. This workshop will be held, appropriately enough, on Memorial Day, Monday May 3oth.


If that isn’t enough to send you home with knowing that your professional and personal life have been deeply validated, enriched, and transformed, sign-up for Caballo Andante and Diedre West’s Whisper-to-Dance workshop to be held Tuesday – Thursday, May 31-June 2.


The EquiHeart Pledge:

To kick the Healing with Horse’s spring events off, and to celebrate its founder and former leader Dr. Jenn Oikle as she moves into a new phase of her life, the Healing with Horse global community is invited to join some of our field’s leaders as they participate in a 4-day EquiHeart Pledge event. Dr. Jenn is a lovely human being as well as a powerful leader, and I, Diedre West, want to thank and honor her for her work-as-play contribution, and invite you to do the same.

So, here’s a great way to do it!

The Equi-Heart Pledge is a Global Heart Experiment with Horse. How will your life change if you tune into the Wisdom of Horse?

Healing with Horse Collective members can choose your favorite way to access the wisdom of horse, then visit the Healing with Horse blog to uplift others by sharing your insights in a comment. What message, energy, or awareness did Horse give you?

Plus, be empowered by the knowledge, healing, or inspiration horse has gifted others with that day. It’s a sure way to add Horse Power to your life now– sparking more passion, purpose, and playfulness to your daily living.

Join us for this exciting 4-day event to see how horse can uplift your life and bring you more power, passion, and playfulness!


The Equi-Heart Pledge was created by Jennifer Oikle, Ph.D, psychologist and equine-inspired coach, whose passion is offering people the tools to heal with the Heart of Horse. She’s also founder of the Healing with Horse Collective and the Happily Ever After Holistic Healing Horse Ranch outside Denver, CO, The Heart of the Horse Festival, and the Equestrian Enlightenment Alliance. She’s the author of Awakening Unity with Horse and the editor of Spiritual Adventures with Horse.


~  To stay connected with Dr. Jenn gallop on over to her Unity with Horse Newsletter

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