The Fifth Annual TELE SUMMIT Begins FEBRUARY 15 – MARCH 10



The Fifth Annual Healing with Horse



IT’S TIME TO SIGN UP FOR THE 5TH ANNUAL TELE SUMMIT! ​​​​​​​Each year, you get to OPT-IN to the FREE RELEASE of the Tele Summit. And the time is now, because the tele summit begins in just over 3 weeks! 

You will be sent an email asking you to confirm your subscription. If you do NOT receive this email, please look in your spam, junk, or group email folders, and make sure to indicate that the email address is NOT JUNK; otherwise you will not receive your FREE RELEASE notices (If you need help with this, google how making sure to indicate your type of mail server).
You will then receive a welcome email. Again, look for this, and if you cannot find it in any folders or if you have problems with any of these steps, email Diedre and she will help you out.
Then have a look around, read the presenters’ bios, and check out this Fifth Anniversary SYMPOSIUM as well! The Symposium is Friday, April 28-30. Pre-Conference workshops extend the dates from Thursday, April 27th to Monday May 1.

Come Celebrate!

The Fifth Anniversary TELE SUMMIT

With Over 20 Presenters in 20 Sessions

Learn about the Sessions & this Year’s Theme of Sentience

The work on the Tele Summit began in late September 2016. As I was going through proposals and speaking with the amazing practitioners who had submitted them, I remembered how, the year before, founder Dr. Jenn had said the process takes on an energy of its own, and you’ll just know that the person, and their topic, is right. It was true last year. And this year, with each conversation, I knew the topic was a gift to our field. Each was so heart-and-soul intelligent. And what was happening was that we were amassing quite a large Tele Summit! I meditated on this. Was there a reason? A different organization or structure?
The message I received was that “people will need this.” And it is a celebration as well, as this is the Tele Summit’s fifth year of existence. And the people, we listeners, will need all the talks, many of them, and all powerful. From where I was in September into early October, I couldn’t see exactly why. But I could see each talk. The look and feel for those listening would not that of a student listening to a teaching, so much as one expert in our field sitting down with a fellow professional over a cup of tea or coffee–or several cups!
In the months that followed, this vision is very much the way the talks transpired.  
And so, if you feel you could use 3 weeks of daily conversations with people in your vocation, sharing their innovations, perspectives, models or approaches, and other wisdom…you may find that, again, the Collective is your home. And that is the goal. I invite you to make the time beginning the day after Valentine’s Day, to sit with a mug of your favorite winter (or summer!) drink and join in the experience. From all over the globe, your tribe will be doing the same.
Twenty sessions. Twenty-two professionals. As the three and a half weeks pass, these vital topics and the overall theme of SENTIENCE will be shared in weekly blogs. And if you don’t want to wait for the blog updates, the speakers and their topics are up on the Tele Summit page. So sign up, put it on your Calendar, and be ready to be INSPIRED and UPLIFTED! And the highlights begin below with and introduction to three of the field’s leaders and their topics!

This year’s Tele Summit introduces Koelle Simpson, founder of the Equus Coaching Institute. Koelle and her approach to bringing horses and humans together was featured by Oprah Winfrey in O Magazine in 2004. Even before that publicity, though, Koelle had traveled the globe to help people learn about themselves through the eyes of a horse. Koelle called her approach Equus Coaching. Now, the Equus Coaching Institute, which Koelle founded to build a network of well-trained professionals in her approach, is featured in the Tele Summit’s opening session.
Each new week of the Tele Summit, a leader in the field is featured. Linda Kohanov is back, this time discussing the qualities that make up a concept she explores in both The Power of the Herd and The Five Roles of a Master Herder, Emotional Heroism. A much needed quality in many places today, Linda discusses the various qualities and skill sets of emotional intelligence that make up emotional heroism. She then discusses how these skills can be practiced and developed with her herd at Eponaquest. Truly powerful skill sets to have when a culture–of a work team, community, or other system–is run by an unbalanced power structure.
And also returning is Lynn Thomas, founder of EAGALA, with co-writer of the book Transforming Therapy Through Horses, Mark Lytle. The team focus on the new training structure that EAGALA will be introducing this year. Mark’s session stories enliven and illustrate the conceptual points that make this model both powerful and a great way to begin teaming with horses in human healing and personal growth.
So once again, welcome! Please sign up and get ready. And in the coming weeks, check your inbox, the website, and the Healing with Horse Collective FaceBook page for more information!


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