2021 Tele Summit Set Special Offer ~ 20% off!

The 2021 Tele Summit is Available for purchase NOW, at just over 20% off!
Experience the empowerment and inspiration these 19 healers & leaders have to offer in 18 audio sessions!

Purchasing the Tele Summit allows you to listen to the teaching audio sessions anytime you want. But there’s more. Many of the talks come with supplemental handouts and video that help move you from inspiration to more in-depth facilitation-skill development and utilization. Here’s what you get:

  • The full audio downloadable set of 17 teaching audio sessions from 18 speakers, plus Healing with Horse leader Diedre West’s introduction and discussion of this year’s theme, “Answering the Call: Becoming Whole & Connected” and further unveiling of expanded offerings from the Collective that will be rolling out all year long. And, singer/songwriter Tiffany MacNeil’s audio discussion of the music that introduces each talk, and how horses inspired the music and accompanying words.
  • An audio-only page so you can access the talks without using a lot of bandwidth–great for the drive to the barn, or for other places where bandwidth limits your streaming capability.
  • Accompanying Handouts, Supplemental Videos, and other Special Offers that come with many of the audio sessions.

For a full list of the Tele Summit Downloads you will receive and to experience Teasers of each session, click here to go to the Tele Summit Page



2021 Tele Summit for Symposium Attendees


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Make sure to bookmark the site and keep the email as ways to return to your downloadable sessions and handouts.

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