5th Annual SYMPOSIUM!

April 27 – May 1, 2017


To celebrate, we are having the symposium at one of the more decadently beautiful facilities in the country; if your goal is to immerse yourself in nature and the work and play that is learning with horses, then it is hard to find a more amazing ranch than Apache Springs in Sonoita, just outside Tucson, Arizona.


Here are some of the highlights of the Symposium:

The Keynotes

We have not one, but two Keynote Speakers (with a possible mystery horse third!):

Koelle Simpson, founder of the Koelle Institute for Equus Coaching, will be providing our first keynote address, and doing a live demonstration of the Equus Coaching approach.

Linda Kohanov, founder of Eponaquest, will take the baton and provide a keynote address and live demonstration of the Eponaquest approach. Back
by popular demand, Linda will also lead a post-conference 1-day workshop, and has graciously agreed to focus in on a key concept, Emotional Heroism, from her last two books, The Power of the Herd and The Five Roles of a Master Herder.


Pre- and Post-Conference Workshops

And to start us out on Thursday, April 27th, Joanne Byrnes & Saan Ecker of Peakgrove Solutions, Canberra, Australia, will offer a 1-day Workshop on Equine Assisted Constellations. They are teaming up with Collective leader Diedre West to offer a facilitator training on Equine Assisted Constellations in 2017. This is your chance to learn more about this incredibly powerful healing modality.

Equine Guided Energy Work will be the focus of a third 1-day Workshop led by Jess Campmans of Guided by Equus from Alberta, Canada.


The Breakouts

And then the breakouts! We will have 4 concurrent breakouts with a wide range of learnings from cutting edge to teachings that will help you get started or revive your practice with new methodologies, community and client-base building ideas and strategies, and so much more. 


Empower   Inspire   Educate   Uplift

Last year’s symposium received the highest of praise, with a consensus of attendees, participants and presenters alike sayin
g things like, “The BEST conference I have ever been to, EVER!” “I give it a 10+!” and “Off the charts AMAZING!”


Ways to Celebrate this 5th Year Anniversary Event!

And this year, because of the unique location and venue, you can attend the conference in different ways. You can make it into a life-changing, nature-based luxury retreat by staying at the award winning guest homes at Apache Springs, or you can go a more economic route and camp, as Symposium organizer Diedre West will be doing, to immerse yourself in the nature as you also keep your extraneous costs down and have a sacred experience in a sacred land. More on these two ways, and all the ways in between, to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime event will be announced. These will include:
  • Work-study options
  • Ask family and friends to help pay through gift certificate options
  • Choosing between event packages or a la carte methods of participating

More about all these options will be going up at www.healingwithhorse.org, so keep checking back!

Both the 2017 Symposium and Tele Summit will be full of surprises that will just keep coming as collaborations and plans already in the works continue to solidify. For the first of these, check out the winter gift certificate options:

It’ll be like Christmas all winter!

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    1. Hello Sylvie! Yes, of course–if you don’t mind speaking and learning in English, you are very welcome! We had people from all over the world last year, and every year. If you would like to speak with me about it, my email is healingwithhorse@gmail.com.

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