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Linda Kohanov is Taking her Work 

~ and With Her, All of Us ~ 

to a New Platform and a New Level

The past year has been unprecedented in so many ways. As discussed with the 2021 Tele Summit theme, Answering the Call: Becoming Whole and Connected, the pandemic has dramatically changed the global behavior of an entire species—us. With the individual, communal, national and international behavior changes and uncertainty that came with the pandemic, the collective energy—as well as individual physical systems—of humanity have, mindfully or reactively, been subjected to both personal and collective stress. At its heart, what is manifesting as a visceral experience of uncertainty and restlessness is really an existential or spiritual sort of exhaustion or overwhelm, and it’s present in the energy of a whole species. 

And as an apex species, our collective change in behavior, for a full year now, will change ecosystems worldwide. That will mean…what? Well, we don’t really know. 

What we can imagine is that it means the future will have an altered trajectory, across the planet. Already. No matter what else happens. 

In times like these, our own wellness must be nurtured. All that we know about how stress and physical, mental, emotional, and existential or spiritual wellbeing are linked, really needs to take priority as the most important focus we can have, first for ourselves and our horses, and then for others. As I said to myself when I was diagnosed with cancer just when my health insurance had lapsed, “healer, heal thyself.” I had to stop all other doing. 

We cannot only rely on our healthcare system, our polititians, or anyone else. Forefront to preventative care and wellbeing is that we take care of ourselves. Through that care of our bombarded nervous sysstems, we become emotional, relational, healers no matter whether our training lens has been teaching, counseling, coaching, training, or anything else. How we lead ourselves out of our own conditioned ways of being, into caretakers of our own bodies, minds, and spirits, is through our tuning fork in this world—our bodies. 

I found myself returning to Linda Kohanov’s books this summer as a guide for clients who I could see really needed the lens of emotions as information. I started a book club, which opened with Linda’s second book, Riding Between the Worlds. This led to a series of book club-like requests; I got to spend months with this material as people all over the nation went through it with me. Clearly it is needed.

And now, a much more thorough way of presenting the material I was sharing just by demand, is what Linda Kohanov is offering you and your practice with her answer to the these unprecidented times: the Nelda U multi-media course, Connections 101: Life Wisdom from the Herd with Linda Kohanov. This program is 7 hours of material if you just run the videos. But this information-rich course is days, weeks, and months-worth of practice, grounded in research so that even our analytic brains—where our egos perhaps reside—are treated to their own relaxing information-bath that opens them for the all-body calming that is core to what our horses have been doing to serve us and our clients all along. 

More specifically, this course is composed of much of the enlightening fundamental information you will find in Linda’s 5 books, supported with research both already discussed in those books, and findings in multiple disciplines within the sciences, psychology, and consciousness studies, that may be too newly released to be familiar to you or included in Linda’s previously published books. The professional-quality multimedia fundamentals and beyond course is laid out clearly with step-by-step processes, in a series of videos, each about 10-20 minutes long. The videos offer Linda as the narrator telling stories, describing research, drawing connections, narrating footage of illustrative video out with horses, and drawing out learning on three major lesson themes: “Feelings are Contageous,” “Emotions as Information,” and “Managing Emotions.” 

The series includes footage of her amazing Epona herd—past and present—enactments of key experiential learning moments and horses’ most astonishing teachings, as well as music from Linda’s immensely talented, award-winning husband, musician Steve Roach. Steve actually composed music specifically for the course and the times—as well as accompanying handouts, slide shows, and other resources to help you first, and then to support your equine services. 

As usual, Linda is incredibly generous in her conception and production of this unmatched set of learning/teaching materials, seeking to serve you, the field of equine services, and its human participants or clients. 

Learn from Linda’s Tele Summit talk more about this course, as well as ways in which you can incorporate this offering to help you expand your offerings. This 2021 Tele Summit audio session is released FREE on the spring solstice, Sunday, March 21. Check out the Tele Summit Page for more information about the whole series of 19 talks, releasing for FREE from March 12 – 28, 2021, and if you haven’t yet, sign up to receive the FREE Release!

And that’s not all! IF you want to purchase the course, Linda is offering all people within the Healing with Horse Collective a 15% discount. Just use the code: 15healinghorse​​​​​​

If you’re already sold, go to Linda’s Course page at Nelda U to learn more. You can also purchase the course from this link.

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