The Pause is Over: Letter from Diedre

Hello. This is a big moment for me—to begin with a bit of a cliché. I have been silent for so long, sometimes in the face of requests and inquiries into when the Healing with Horse Collective would start again. Certainly in the face of world, national, and otherevents that seemed the to be worthy of leadership moments.

When spring 2020 Tele Summit and Symposium would normally be released, I was silent. Then COVID-19 became the international news. Before that and since, political unrest in the U.S. and abroad, as well as natural disasters, could have warranted responses. A good friend and former presenter of the Collective, Ann Alden, passed away of cancer. Many transitions have occurred, many things have happened.  In fact, the 2019 Healing with Horse Collective Symposium itself didn’t happen. Our last event was the 2019 Tele Summit. It was called “The Pause.” I had planned to call it “What’s Next” or “Reset,” “Rebirth”—something of that nature. But I was guided by my horses and the intuitive messages I receive to call it “The Pause.” Little did I know the invisible power that was gathering, collecting, in that pause, and how long it would hold me in that silent space as well.

Through each moment since that Tele Summit, I’ve been asked to stay silent by that same intuition, guidance, and by the horses. The Pause was still playing out—the energy of the pause from the Tele Summit was still what was being asked. It made no leadership sense to me, and certainly no business sense. But I followed it. I tested it, challenged it, chomped at the proverbial bit, healed, lived in the not knowing, struggled, watched it all work out, and the answer was always the same.

Don’t even explain. Hold the pause.

Could I explain by saying that since 2014 I’ve been answering an undeniable, remarkable call from Spirit, punctuated by my herd of horses, that showed that all I’d be doing was preparing for a time when people would be afraid to leave their homes, they’d be wearing medical masks, there would be a breakdown in politics and a major battle of forces in political leadership—or so I understood what I was shown to be?

I’m not sure it matters that this is true. It doesn’t explain why I needed to be silent. What I can say is, the silence, and the pause, is coming to an end. The Healing with Horse Collective is beginning. Even as we in the U.S. wait for a president to be announced, I have received the message to gently invite you all to ground and prepare for the pause to end. For forward motion to begin. And not again. Anew.

And so I invite you to turn your hearts and minds toward a new year, and a spring in which we will gather, around the globe, for a Tele Summit and an online Symposium. These events are designed to share ideas, methods, and ways to serve humans through teamwork with horses. For me, that teamwork has evolved to a very difficult to maintain followership that led me to a decision to serve my family of origin in a way that seemed to take away my own adult life and lifestyle; through a terminal cancer diagnosis; then finally moved me to the landscape that feels like home, from which I would, after another pause of almost 2 years, finally begin build my equine practice and community; and now, to start the Collective’s offerings in what we all must agree is a very different landscape from that in which we gathered last.

This is an important time. A time I believe the horses, Spirit, and indeed all of the natural world has been waiting for. And we are here to serve. We might need to continue exploring what that service might look like during a pandemic that led to an international pause in human doings, and all the socioeconomic and other human, environmental, and natural impacts of this time in human history.

So, it’s no small time! But that doesn’t mean it is, or has to feel, heavy. And over time my tone will lighten, too. I invite you to bring your lightness, and your simple, grounded, wisdom and ideas to be part of this movement into this new landscape. To propose topics for the Tele Summit and this very first Online Symposium that can help all of us to serve humans through a sort of followership with our horses. I know that, if you are like me, there has certainly been a pause of some kinds of activity, but a lot of work in other types of service to your self, those you love, your horses, and your community.

So. Welcome back. Welcome home. I hope you will read the Request for Proposals and look for future newsletters that will begin to suggest and thereby define what the 2021 Tele Summit and Symposium will begin to shape int

Proposals are being accepted from now until December 18. Be part of the creating of something we all came here to do; to cross over to a new landscape for humanity, led by nature, guided by our partner the horse.

Thank you for your brilliance.

With Warmest Welcome,


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