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  • Ways to bring your practice to online venues. Juli Lynch and Molly DePrekel offer talks about developing distance learning, coaching, and therapy models that can expand your offerings as well as your audience, allow you to develop programs that meet partly or wholly online, and suggest various ways to help clients receive support from horses through online venues.
  • Presence. Sometimes what the healer has is not something we can learn through training skillsets. Yet it is something we can cultivate. Pat Buffalo, Kerri Lake, Pam Allen LeBlanc, and Jess Campmans discuss a truth that our skills-based self-improvement minds overlook. A healing presence comes from your heart. Your values and your true living of them–that feeling state of love within–meeting divine heart. The true essence of others–humans and other species who have never lost their heart connection and so can guide us to ours, will change you and will enhance your teamwork with your horses. This is more simple, and more profound, and at times more challenging in the midst of societal pressures, than thinking through. We all have a birthright to, and are supported already, by so much more than we often allow ourselves to believe. These speakers can help you explore, and become a student to Presence.
  • Qualities of heart presence, and ways to that expansive presence, are the topic of Linda Kohanov, Judy Brightman, and Eva Usadi and Alejandra Lara’s talks. How to find your way forward to something that expands the context into a relaxed, gentle okayness and better-than-okayness, often in the worst moments of contraction or overwhelm, to a feeling state in which we know we are held by the world–and that thereby both aligns with and supports the horses’ healing energy and efforts–is the focus of these and other talks.
  • A new focus for the Collective, that is coming per request of Horse and horses everywhere, is riding and horsemanship that promotes mutual wellness and joy. Currently, there is no communal place within the Equine Assisted/ Facilitated/Guided field to share these ideas, perspectives, explorations, findings, tips and Best Practices. Well, that is changing this year.  The Collective is creating a gathering space for facilitators, trainers, riding instructors, and horsemen and women who see the horse as a highly sensitive being with many powers of transsentience beyond those of most humans, and so offer horsemanship that honors and explores these equine qualities rather than demanding the horse and rider shut them down. Carla Bauchmueller, Andrée Baillargeon, Kim Cardeccia, and Kera Willis begin this journey in this Tele Summit. And it’s just a beginning. Imagine the journey we’ll all be on!
  • How horses become the catalyst for journeys humans never expected–whether or not the human part of the equation ever becomes a professional
    facilitator, rider, or equine specialist or even wants to–and for those who do, what creative journey horses take them on to transform their concepts of “profession,” “work,” and other related concepts and images, is the subject of Kat Cornelius, and indeed every talk.
  • Ways to promote healing of your horse’s ills – with or before that call to the vet – and support your horses’ healing from far more than the physical manifestations we call injury or illness, is the subject of Pete Jeffs’ talk. More such healing support will be part of the Symposium as well.

These speakers’ subjects overlap into multiple areas above. This helps you see how interrelated all this learning/understanding/growing is. You can learn and gain perspectives and insights from every speaker, whether or not you see your work as fitting in to what they do. This is the Call–something that comes from both without and within.

The expanded context for 2021, the theme within which these speakers offer ways to respond, is: Answering the Call ~ Becoming Whole and Connected. We are all on a project of, not only soul retrieval, but soul healing.

Soul fragmentation has been the norm for humanity for a long time, many generations, many lifetimes. Wholeness may seem simple. Connection may seem obvious. But if you observe yourself with heart-centered awareness, you will see how often your thoughts and feelings do not seem to belong to you. Merging our identity with these less-than-heart-based emotions, thoughts, self-righteous intelligences, and judgments, simply because we’re too distracted to notice the difference between them and our soul’s essence, is what the world and all Sentience is calling us to discontinue. Pause. Focus on oneself and become self aware this moment, and this moment and this one. Become present even when its uncomfortable, and allow healing. We can’t do the healing of these energies ourselves, actually. But we can slow down, discern, calm our internal reactions, and as Barbara Rector would say, Allow Allow Allow. This is our calling, for ourselves and in our support of others.

And then we’ll see what our horses, and the world of sentient, heart-based beings, can do.

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