Having Trouble Receiving the Tele Summit Email Notices?

Having Trouble Receiving the Tele Summit Email Notices? 

Here’s What To Do.

Each year, you get to OPT-IN to the FREE RELEASE of the Tele Summit. The beauty of this is that I never assume you want to get daily emails during the weeks of the release.
The not-so-beautiful comes with the fact that many who have input their names and email addresses into the sign-up form are not actually signed up yet, and that may be because the filter system on your email account may have filtered out the Confirmation Email. Now, I’ve spent more hours than is sane, really, researching how to resolve this problem. I’ve done what I can from my end. Now, it’s up to you!
​​​​​​​So, if you aren’t sure if you are registered, and you want to check, follow the steps below: NOTE: Step number one is the key to solving all:
  1. BEGIN by putting the following email (or click this email address) into your Contacts so that the emails will make it to your inbox: Diedre @HealingWithHorse dot org.
  2. Then sign up (again)

  3. You will immediately (or, in some cases, within an hour–this may take longer if your email has previously blocked this address) be sent an email asking you to confirm your subscription. If you do NOT receive it within an hour, look for it in your Junk, Spam, or Trash folders. If you find it there, don’t just open it, make sure to also reassign it as NOT (junk, trash, spam). Then, make sure to click the link to confirm your subscription.
  4. You will then receive a welcome email. Again, look for this. Wherever it hits your email system is where all future emails will go.
  5. If THAT does not work—meaning that you DO NOT receive confirmation
    —you can then let me know, and I’ll find some other way to get notifications to you. 
Thank you for dedicating this time to your email syste and the power of the filters that our accounts have. Without them, email is flooded with unsolicited advertising, and I for one am VERY grateful for the filters.
Of course, I’m even MORE grateful to YOU for learning about your email system and sticking with the process of setting up your email to indeed receive the notices about the Tele Summit talks. I hope you will find it was time well spent.
With love and light,

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