Vicki Talvi-Cole

Breakout Session #7: An Invitation
The Sacred Call to the Soul


Our Time Has Come – Horses supporting and reflecting back to you your true Beauty as Spirit, allowing the melding of your Souls’ Presence with Its’ Divine Human Self. This session offers an experiential, intuitive shift.




Once upon a time whilst sitting on a bale of hay next to a beautiful flowing river within a glorious meadow, Vicki Talvi-Cole asked herself, Who Am I? and Why Am I here?

A young filly appeared, growing into her own hooves…. nudging Vicki to grow also… together… Becoming…

Vicki Talvi-Cole set off on an adventure, leaving the corporate world behind. Vicki’s exploration of healing modalities began in the early 90’s. A degree in Natural Therapeutics and a myriad of other healing and teaching certifications became her spring board into Energy Psychology and understanding the Senses.

Through years of sculpting a deep and sacred space, Vicki began developing and focusing her sensory acuity with her WindHorse tribe, created HorseHealing Gateway where they commune the language of Consciousness, Energy and extra sensory perceptions. Her horses refer to her unique approach as a form of heart technology.

As an empathic intuitive being, Vicki’s awareness of the subtle energy frequencies of sound, thoughts and emotions began opening new pathways, allowing a flow between her and her WindHorse Family Tribe. Together, they developed and offer to others healing and teaching guidance utilizing the art of Applied Consciousness:

  • To live and create within lighter dimensions of experience as a Creative Sensual Being
  • To experience your Senses opening New Pathways of energies as communication
  • To remember who you truly are, allowing you’re connection to everything
  • To understand and experience how it’s your energies serving you and you choose
  • To Trust who you truly are, accepting, allowing that it all comes to you

You’ll be surprised and delighted with her infectious joy, unexpected sense of humor, effervescent bubbles of intuitiveness, light heartedness and expansive energy that inspires fresh perspectives with new concepts that continues even after our work together is complete.

Vicki lives a quiet, simple lifestyle allowing her Soul to express through Horse interactions, aspect alchemy, sculpting, bodywork and storytelling. Vickis’ heart bursts with joy as the WindHorses share their wisdom, reminding her of the boundless richness within her Soul.