Tiffany MacNeil & Mike Brayton

Walk Side By Side

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Tiffany MacNeil has held a lifelong love and respect for animals and nature. Through her work at Wildlife Waystation and Safari West, she was exposed to a myriad of animal species big and small, but it was always horses that held the most fascination for her.

While working at Calistoga Ranch and volunteering at Sunrise Horse Rescue, she offered resort guests and their children the chance to help feed and groom some of the 16 horses there. While simple, it proved to be a profound experience for the participants. This led to Tiffany’s certification as a CEIP-ED, the founding of her company True Nature Horse Programs, and creation of the class Aligning with Horses: Body & Breath Awareness for Santa Rosa Junior College.

Through her study of yoga and meditation during this time, she was able to access the energetic vibration of horses, which first came through as heart messages, and then evolved into melody and song. With a background in guitar and voice, she began to record these songs and share them through music videos.

Her mission is to serve as a bridge for others to rekindle their own connection to nature, animals, themselves and the present moment. Horses are perfectly poised to help with this, and have many messages to share. An album of more inspired songs is forthcoming later this year.

In addition to her music, Tiffany serves as a GoGreen Champion for DHL Supply Chain, where she recently created an initiative to repurpose warehouse materials for zoo animal enrichment worldwide. She is also a volunteer Sanctuary Monitor with the Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust, and resides in southern New Hampshire.


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Mike Brayton is a versatile songwriter, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist who brings both technical proficiency and infectious inspiration to his work. He is a seasoned audio engineer, and is currently recording an album of original songs slated for release later this year.

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