Therese Naber

Breakout Session #5: Supporting Your Horse’s Energies:
An Energetic Tune-Up With Your Horse


Therese Naber

We are all energetic beings, and although horses are usually better than humans at finding ways to clear and balance their energetic systems, they still often experience stuck energy or energetic imbalances. And, just as with people, over time, energetic imbalances can contribute to physical or emotional challenges. The good news is that are ways that you can support your horse energetically, and these techniques are easy to learn and integrate into your horse care routine.

In this session, you’ll learn some foundational techniques that I use when working with horses, as well as information on the energetic system that each one supports. An added benefit is that after working with these techniques, most people feel more in tune with their horse’s energies, as well as with their own energies. The session can be as experiential as works for you: If you’re able to join from the barn or pasture, you can practice on your horse during class. Or, if you have a stuffed or plastic model of a horse, that’s also a great way to practice techniques. You’ll receive a handout after class.




Therese Naber is a clinical level practitioner of Eden Energy Medicine and a certified practitioner of Emotional Freedom Techniques (also known as EFT or “tapping”). She started learning about energy healing techniques more than 16 years ago and has done training in several other modalities, including Touch For Health, Reiki, and Healing Touch. Most of her training has been focused on people, and she loves working with human clients, but, early on in her studies, she also realized that she had a deep affinity for working with the energies of animals, especially horses. She is passionate about supporting the energetic systems of horses, and helping people and horses find more energetic harmony in their relationship. Every horse she works with teaches her and amplifies her healing skills, and she is very grateful for this. Therese has an MA in Education and loves teaching about this work. She lives in Minnesota, and she is also a certified adaptive ski instructor and therapeutic riding instructor.



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