Tara Coyote

Breakout Session #5: Grace, Gratitude & Grit:
Facing adversity and finding tools to navigate change
through the wisdom of the horse.


In this presentation Tara Coyote will share photos & videos from her beautiful property on Kaua’i, Hawaii, where she lives in an off-the-grid yurt with her horses running freely on 3.5 acres. Tara will read and share stories from her soon to be released book about how the horses have been an incredible healing force through her journey with stage 4 cancer.

Through her talk, attendees will gain tools for how to find your way through difficult experiences, face fear, and find beauty amidst the challenging moments. Tara will also share how horses can help you tap into your innate healing potential as they have done for her. Tara says, “I look forward to seeing you there!”




Tara Coyote is the owner of an equine facilitated learning retreat center Wind Horse Sanctuary in Kaua’i, Hawaii, which was formally located in Northern CA. She is a certified Equine Facilitated Learning teacher through Linda Kohanov’s organization Eponaquest and was trained as a life coach with Equine Alchemy. During the time of running her retreat center she guided hundreds of people with private sessions, group workshops and ‘Grief Rituals with Horses’.

Tara is highly experienced with helping clients with the grief process and is very familiar with issues around illness. In the last seven years she has experienced a vast amount of loss through the death of her two closest friends who died young from cancer.

Tara has also been journeying with late stage breast cancer for almost five years. She has been publicly sharing her health journey through her blog page, YouTube channel and social media. She is very grateful to be alive after being recommended to Hospice two years ago. She is currently thriving on her island home with her two horses Comanche and Blue. She attributes a big part of her miraculous healing to the energetic field of living on the land in an off the grid yurt with her beloved equine friends.

Her focus in past years was on helping clients with boundaries. Check out her free E-Book about boundaries at: https://www.windhorsesanctuary.com/free-ebook

She currently offers private and small group sessions on her tropical piece of paradise in Kaua’i.

Tara released an environmental 10-minute short film about climate change equating it with her health journey in her film Honor the Earth:


Tara is very close to publishing her memoir ‘Grace, Grit & Gratitude’ which is about overcoming adversity and how her horses have been a key part of her miraculous healing with cancer. She believes it is always possible to find beauty within the greatest tragedy!

Please feel free to contact Tara and find out more through the links below: