Sabina Cox

Sabina Cox


Clearing the Way: Your Personal Co-Evolution with Horse


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Nine years ago horses entered Sabina’s life, leading her to begin a unique life immersion in the alchemy of weaving Horse Consciousness into the path of the evolution of Human Consciousness. Before that moment Sabina, known as Sabinananda on her FaceBook and other online platforms, had dedicated her life to the study of the soul’s embodied journey of Awakening. She has studied directly with teachers of various spiritual paths, including Sufism, Gnosticism, Buddhism, Kriya Yoga, Non-Dual Meditation, Reiki and Subtle Energy Healing.

In person, Sabina has facilitated Spiritual Awakening Retreats. Sabina also offers in-person or distance Spiritual Counseling and Energy Healings that are so powerful they are capable of healing illness and changing lives.

In addition, Sabina offers weekly gatherings through her Animal Assisted Awakening Member Group. Group members tune in to messages from the collective wisdom of Horse and all of Animal Consciousness. Participants co-create an alchemical group energy field into which they dive deeply. The inner transformation members undergo is catalyzed by the animal transmissions as translated by Sabina with the support of the Herd of Light – five unique Teachers who walk this earth in their beautiful horse disguises. Sabina cofacilitates online Equine Facilitated Soul discovery immersion programs with friend, colleague, and fellow Tele Summit presenter Mary Miller Jordan.

Sabina is also a beautifully talented singer songwriter. Her music makes up the soundtrack for Mary Miller Jordan’s documentary,Wild Horse Road Trip. The documentary features the song “Herd in my Heart” among other songs that include the horse-human consciousness co-evolution journey.


One Herd One Heart – Animal Assisted Awakening



Purchase the Full Tele Summit Set of 12 Sessions by clicking the image to the left, or click HERE.