Leslie Warren

Breakout Session #6: Channel of Messages from Loved Ones

Including your Horses


Leslie Warren is a channel for the relationship between a horse and their human. Leslie works in the moment with clients and participants. In her session, that is what will happen. In the moment, she will respond with what comes through from the horses to the participants in her breakout session.


A current or past relationship opens the path to growth and healing for both the horse and the human. Leslie sees, feels, and hears information the horse is wanting to share. A picture, if you will, of both past and present situations forms. What the horse needs, how they are feeling around situations they may be in or have experienced, comes forward. Leslie hears and sees their stories. She feels the energy of the relationship, the energy from the horse.  “Always,” Leslie says, “my intent is understanding, healing and growth.”

Leslie can be reached at: lesliewarren27@gmail.com