Kim Cardeccia

Transform the Rehab Horse into a Four-Legged Therapist/Teacher


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Kim Cardeccia’s life’s experience, education and passions have led her to do energetic rehabilitation with horses and humans. She found the title Inner Journey Horsemanship to describe both her interactions with horses and the manner in which she partners with horses to also offer healing to humans. “I have committed to making sure that when I partner with horses I honor their essence, and they will be offered the space of healing in all sessions,” says Kim.

Kim’s education and training includes:
● B.S. in physical education, and teaching elementary phys ed for 10 years
● M.A. in Counseling, Licensed in the state of MI (private practice for 5 years)
● Trained Life Coach (ILTC)

Horse background:
● 40 years experience with horses
● Working student, barn manager for dressage training barn (almost 15 years), experience in what led to energetic rehab
● Equine facilitated self growth practice for 13 years

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