Julia Caulder & Alejandra Lara

Breakout Session #7: Without Tension:
How the Alexander Technique Benefits Horse Lovers and Riders


  • Become more aware of how your own tension affects your horse
  • Help your horse to move more freely and easily
  • Find your own balance
  • More connection to your horse comes from freedom in yourself
  • Tune in to yourself and tune in to your horse to a much greater degree
  • Feel easy and free as you ride
  • Learn to calm your horse as you calm yourself
  • Improve your balance and poise on your horse

In this workshop Julia Caulder, teacher of 20 years, will introduce the Alexander Technique and show you how using this technique can help you and your horse work together with less interference. She will work with workshop participants doing everyday movements to help illustrate each of our habits and how we can use this knowledge to let go of excess work. She will also work with the horse and rider.

Alejandra Lara will show examples which will illustrate the relationship between undoing in ourselves, how this directly affects the horse and how she has found this work helpful for herself and her clients.



Julia Caulder is an AmSAT certified teacher of the Alexander Technique, and a professional performer. She has been practicing professionally for over 20 years and has studied the technique for over 30.

Currently, she teaches privately in Park City, Utah, at The Alexander Training Institute of Los Angeles and is on the faculty of the Egyptian Theater as well.

Julia has taught at Mount St. Mary’s College, The Laura Henry Acting Studio in Los Angeles, Santa Monica College Extension and Cal Arts. She has done workshops at Google, The University of Southern California School of Music, Pepperdine School of Music, Santa Monica College Music Department and the Long Beach Police Department.

In addition to her Alexander Technique certification, Julia was a professional singer with the Los Angeles Opera and Opera Pacific in Orange County, CA. Since moving to Utah three years ago she has gotten back to her horseback riding and has had the chance to work with many horseback riders on the Alexander Technique including Alejandra Lara.


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