Juli Lynch

Go to the Horse to Find, Hold, and Live your Light:

An Invitation to Step into Ascension Energy Gifts


For a Sampler of Juli’s Breakout Session at the upcoming 2021 Healing with Horse Online Symposium, check out the video below. To register to attend the Online Symposium or purchase the recordings, click the Symposium Registration here or in the menu at the top.



Juli Lynch, Ph.D is the founder of Epala® Equine Partnerships, an equestrian life coaching and equine facilitated life coaching certification organization. As a life-long horsewoman Juli’s life mission has been to connect humans and horses together in partnership for the mutual benefit of both. She believes that in bringing humans and horses together life-changing transformation can occur in the energetic and spiritual alchemy of trust, compassion, love, trust, and gratitude. She has dedicated her life’s work – over 30 years as a psychologist – to this process of transformation – initially as a therapist, then metamorphosing into an executive coach, life coach, business coach and equine facilitated life coach.

Juli is the author of two books on the transformation of human and horses in partnership with one another: The Personality Archetypes of Horsemanship (2012) and The Seven Aspects of Horse and Human Transformation (2021).
Juli spent over 30 years as a competitive equestrian, riding, training, showing, and coaching other equestrians across several riding disciplines. In 2006 she graduated from EponaQuest® and created Epala® Equine Partnerships. For the past 14 years Juli has in partnership with the Epala® herd facilitated personal transformation journeys through Epala®s Seven Aspects of Human/Horse Transformation. The Epala® ranch is in the National Forest of Norther Wisconsin. It is in the meadows and pastures, on the trails in the forest and under the shade of the pines that the Epala® work unfolds for the humans and horses.
Juli and the Epala® herd live and teach in the rhythm of the natural world – accessing the natural and spiritual realms of healing and ascension. Juli has built the foundation of the Epala® philosophy at the intersection of science and spirituality incorporating the understanding of the quantum universe with the findings of neuroscience and the teachings of the ancient wisdom traditions. Connect with Juli at: