Judy Brightman

Cultivating Self-Care to Nourish Ourselves

& Create a Grounded, Embodied Presence


To receive a consultation from Judy at 20% off, email her with the subject heading “Summit”: judy@mindfulhorsemindfulleader.com.


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Judy is a coach with over 30 years’ experience in global consulting firms and corporate groups in leadership development and assessment and change management working with both individuals and facilitating group workshops. She has supported hundreds of people in managing career transitions. Her practice, Mindful Horse, Mindful Leader is based on the north western outskirts of Sydney, NSW, Australia She can be contacted at judy@mindfulhorsemindfulleader.com.

A recommended Eponaquest Instructor, Judy has explored several models of equine experiential learning, training with some of the most highly respected pioneers in the field as well as some of the emerging leaders. She brings a rich diversity of life experience to all sessions.
For over 18 years Judy was an accredited Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) Coach and for 7 years chaired RDA NSW’s Equine Facilitated Mental Health & Learning Committee. In this capacity she worked with colleagues to develop and implement coach training in equine facilitated learning. She conducted EFL programs and sessions both at RDA and for a family therapy practice but these days her focus is on individual coaching sessions and workshops for women wanting to rediscover their true north and reconnect to their inner wisdom. She also loves teaching leadership presence and conscious influence for professional men and women as well as mentoring budding equine assisted practitioners. Judy is a recommended Master Herder Instructor, training she finds influential in the corporate leadership programs she co- facilitates with colleagues.
Growing up in Africa, Judy’s innate love of animals and nature was enriched by traditional indigenous wisdom. She has studied with numerous shamanic teachers bringing these healing practices into daily life. With eclectic interests Judy has studied mindfulness, numerous energy healing modalities including Reiki (certified Master and Animal Reiki practitioner) and body-based practices including somatic coaching, Qi Gong, acupressure and equine bodywork as well as animal communication.