Jess Campmans

Jess Campmans

Evolution of the Relationship:
Ancestral, Past Lives, and Akashic Healing for Humans & Horses

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Jess Campmans is a shamanic energy intuitive, animist, and soul wisdom mystic. She offers healing and guidance for humans and their animals so they have greater clarity, connection, awareness, and authenticity in their lives and relationships.

Jess’ work stems from the stance that in order to truly see others, we must become explorers of ourselves first. She prioritizes being a mom of four and a working farm wife alongside her dairy farmer husband Chris.

Her life with horses led her full circle, from an early desire of wanting to be a trainer, all the way around to the horses teaching her to return to her authentic self – and embody the soul wisdom within her intuitive and empathic abilities of communicating with spirit.

Having journeyed through her own dark night of the soul more than once, Jess was compelled to understand the deeper meaning that life was trying to teach her through a number of physical ailments, her children’s reoccurring nightmares, and multiple horse deaths. Choosing to pause in everything she had been doing, she effectively gave herself space to begin to listen and feel the universe’s subtle messages through her horses.

Discovering and developing her own ability to tune in and translate energy into information, Jess has found a channel from which to provide insight and expanded perspective, transforming both her own and other’s wounds and burdens into gifts and blessings.

Now, working with and through the Guided by Equus herd, Jess amplifies and illuminates the universal wisdom as a healing tool for both conscious and unconscious pain points within the akashic, ancestral, collective and cosmic pathways that inform the psyche, the emotions and the physical body. The result of these intuitive energy transmission healings is, in the words of client and leader of the Healing with Horse Collective Diedre West, “like being in a state of grace from which you also attain information with which to move forward, as you ‘forget’, really, that which you came to heal.”

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