Jess Campmans

The Whole, Connected Self: A Calling from Horse & Beyond


An offering from Guided by Equus supporting you in ANSWERING THE CALL! ~
For a Sampler of Jess’ Breakout Session at the upcoming 2021 Healing with Horse Online Symposium, check out the video below. To register to attend the Online Symposium or purchase the recordings, click the Symposium Registration here or in the menu at the top.

Jess’ support videos for the 2021 Tele Summit & Symposium:




Jess Campmans is an equine guided sacred messenger, shamanic soul guide and HorseWisdom mentor, as well as a published author and podcast host of the HorseWisdom Channel, a mom to 4 kids and an active farm wife.
Jess’ work stems from the stance that in order to truly see others, we must become explorers of ourselves first. Her life with horses led her full circle, from an early desire of wanting to be a trainer, all the way around to the horses teaching her to return to her authentic self – and embody the soul wisdom within her intuitive and empathic abilities of communicating with spirit.
Discovering and developing her own ability to tune in and translate energy into information, Jess has found a channel from which to provide insight and expanded perspective, transforming both her own and other’s wounds and burdens into gifts and blessings.
Her work is Guided by Equus, where she works in alliance with her herd of Morgan horses. Jess offers sacred insights through soul communication to go deeper into relationship with the horses as our teachers of activating the ancient, animistic and alchemical wisdom within us through journeying into soul inspired healing and evoking the magic of our sacred connection that transforms curses into blessings, mysteries into miracles and potentials into living realities.

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