Fotini Chandrika

Breakout Session #1: Sacred Horse Stewardship
& The Language of Synchronicity 


Horses can’t speak to us in English nor do they speak human! Horses do, however, speak fluently in the universal language of Heart. When we practice quieting the mind, putting our agendas on the backburner and truly showing up for our Horses, we receive the incredible gift of opportunity to sharpen our ability to listen, grow our heart space and communicate with the wisdom of this majestic, spiritual being. Science shows us the power of the heart, history shows us the longevity of our fascination with horses and spirituality demonstrates the profound connection of the horse-human relationship. With this knowledge as our guide, we can work together to help our horse healers on their own healing journey through our growing intuition and their guidance.  Let’s dive in as listeners, and heal together with Horses!


Fotini has experienced, first hand, the profound wisdom of animals and, in particular, the Horse through their deep heart energy and non-predatory nature. Her experience healing with Horses has been the inner compass to guide her journey into the mind, body and spirit connection.

Fotini has walked a winding road on the paths of expressive arts, yoga, meditation and energy medicine. She is a multi Certified Yoga Teacher, registered with the Yoga Alliance (E-RYT-500). Fotini has studied Vipassana Meditation under the guidance of Stephen Rinaldi at the 300 hour level. Her keen interest in Ayurveda and observing the patterns of Nature within the self led her to complete intense study under the guidance of Dr. David Frawley (Author, Ayurveda Acharya) to integrate the Ayurvedic Wellness philosophies into her personal and professional practices where she is drawn to the medicine of herbs, gems, aromatherapy, energy and sound.

Fotini continued her journey on the learning path through specialized trainings in Clinical Aromatherapy, Therapeutic Yoga, Herbalism and Lifestyle Coaching, she is a regular contributing writer for various publications and has been a guest on various podcasts where she passionately shares the connection she has found between Yogic practice, the wisdom of Horses and the development of Equine Guided Wellness modality, Horse Wisdom Yoga®.

Together, the Horses and Fotini are on the mission to help sensitive, empathic humans and horses live their life’s purpose, find their voice and feel true belonging in this wild world!


Fotini Chandrika

Co-Facilitator, Together with Horses

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