Carla Bauchmueller

Three Keys to More Joy & Confidence on Horseback & in Life


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Holding her Master’s Degree in Economics in hand, 28 years ago, Carla decided to go back to her childhood dream of working with horses and riders.

She’s had countless hours in riding horses and training students since, and thousands of hours studying firsthand in world renowned programs such as Sally Swift’s Centered Riding® and The Classical German Training System.

What deepens Carla’s teachings and sets her apart is her level of expertise in meditation, personal development and mindfulness training. She is a certified meditation and yoga practitioner, leading and facilitating worldwide.
This unique combination and expertise led her to create The Intuitive Rider.

She helps riders from all over the world to be more balanced, safer and more connected in the saddle, and also deeply work on the emotional and mental side of being a horse person.

You can learn more about Carla’s virtual programs at

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