Andrée Baillargeon

Becoming a Voice for Horses:

Cultivating Connection and Reciprocity


For a Sampler of Andrée’s Breakout Session at the upcoming 2021 Healing with Horse Online Symposium, check out the video below. To register to attend the Online Symposium or purchase the recordings, click the Symposium Registration here or in the menu at the top.


Andrée Baillargeon is an artist, somatic life coach and horsewoman. After riding and training in classical dressage for many years, looking for a different approach to horses and to her life in 2007, Andrée began studying the Tamalpa Life-Art somatic process. This was a pivotal moment which catalyzed the integration of her 2 passions: art and horses. as a path to embodied dialogues and mutual healing with horses. For the past 4 years, she has been working in the field of recovery blending meditation and yoga to the somatic-art process. Her interest in the power of the body to resolve trauma dates back to her early twenties when as an art student she was introduced to Butoh shortly after the loss of her father. Those early years spent between barn and dance studios marked the beginning of a life long journey connecting the dots between creativity, movement, horses and healing.

To this day Andrée, who is also a Reiki Master continues exploring various somatic approaches such as the Feldenkrais Method, Spiral Praxis and Continuum Movement. Her formal studies include a M.A. in Theater from UQAM and a B.Env.Sc from McGill; this interdisciplinary path is the expression of her desire to better the lives of horses by understanding their world and that of an ecological self from a feminine perspective.
Nestled in Upstate NY Andrée is working on her first book to share the 10 year journey of re-membering One•Self with her horse Salina through a collection of paintings, poetry and essays.

Andrée Baillargeon can be reached at or at

Look for the courses below on Andrée’s website, or email her with your request to join the class:

Dynamic Stillness • Mini Series 1 • Flow as Learning SpaceWednesdays March 31 – April 21, 8-9 pm EST 
Pre FREE Symposium Offer

Introduction to meditation as gentle self-directed flowing movement, to unwinding tension, rebalance and attune to one’s inner knowing.

Dynamic stillness is a tool to develop presence through wellness and a calm inner state to our horses and relationships.

Circle of Horses • Circle of Women • Somatic Story-Lab
Sundays May 2 – June 6 , 11.00 pm- 1.00 pm EST
Pay what you can, sliding scale $100- $300

Exploring the unmapped territory of the voices that arise between horses, creatures, land and women.
An 8-week meditation infused story-lab, steeped in nonlinear thinking between images, words and movement of the creative somatic Life|Art Process.
Sharing and re-shaping our stories is as vital to our individual voices and wellbeing as it is to our collective minds and hearts.
Open to all.

Hoof Beat • Heart Beat• Mini Series 1 • Finding One’s Rhythm
Thursdays May 13 – June 3, 12 pm- 1 pm
Pay as you can sliding scale $30 – $80

An intuitive approach to finding one’s rhythm and the simple joy of moving.
Guided journeys flowing through soundscapes and world music concluding with reflective meditative time.
Open to all.