Day 3 of the Pre-Tele Summit EquiHeart Pledge

WELCOME to DAY 3 of a 4-Day EquiHeart Pledge Global Event!


As a celebration of spring, the horse, and Easter, YOU are invited to participate in a process that Dr. Jenn Oikle, founder of the Healing with Horse Collective, developed and that many have found life-enhancing.

This is a way to honor and thank Dr. Jenn for what she has done for our industry with the founding of the Healing with Horse Collective. 

YOU are invited to participate in this process and way of sharing with a global community.

How will your life change if you tune into the Wisdom of Horse daily for 4 days? Please join the herd for a world-wide spiritual adventure with horse.


Sara WillersonDay 3 brings Epona Advanced Approved Instructor, Symposium presenter, Dallas local, and all-around lovely Sara Willerson.

Sara Willerson, LCSW is a graduate of Smith College School for Social Work and Hollins College. In addition to her Epona affiliation, she is a member of PATH, International, the Society for Shamanic Practitioners, and she is tri-certified with and a board member of Equine Facilitated Wellness Canada (EFW-Can).

Sarahas focused on working with clients who have experienced trauma, grief and loss, and life transitions. Her Horses, Heart & Soul, LLC program at WolfTree Ranch in Pilot Point, TX offers individual, family, couples, group, and workshop sessions for children and adults.

Check out the horse wisdom Sara shares on this third day of the EquiHeart Pledge!

And now it’s your turn! Tune in to Horse, then in the COMMENTS section below, share your own horse-given wisdom and uplifting knowledge.

How to take the Pledge: Choose your favorite way to access the wisdom of horse each day, then visit the blog to uplift others by sharing your insights offered by horse. What message, energy, or awareness did Horse give you?


Plus, be empowered by the knowledge, healing, or inspiration horse has gifted others with that day! Short videos from some of the Tele Summit and Symposium presenters, as well as other leaders and practitioners in our field, will be posted each day, and you can then share your insights in the blog Comments section. It’s a sure way to add Horse Power to your life now- sparking more passion, purpose, and playfulness to your daily living.


Don’t have a horse in your life or can’t get to the barn everyday? You don’t have to physically be around horses to access their wisdom – you can tune into the Heart of Horse anytime, any place- with your intention. The Spirit of Horse will respond!


Join us for this exciting 4-day event to see how horse can Uplift your Life and bring you more Power, Passion, and Playfulness right away!

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