Coming Soon: 2017 Symposium Dates!

About this year’s symposium, Keynote speaker Linda Kohanov declared it one of the best conferences she’d ever been a part of, and presenter/workshop leader Saan Ecker said:

Being involved with the 2016 Healing with Horse Symposium was probably the most consolidating and enlightening EAP professional development opportunity I have experienced. The Healing with Horse Collective brought together a brilliant representation of diverse styles across the EAP/ EAL field. The presenters and participants that the Collective attracted were open to listening, sharing and contributing and within a couple of days I felt that I had found a community of like-minded travellers on the path of Horse. With Diedre’s extensive knowledge of the various EAP/EAL styles, their languages and nuances, as well as her vast experience in the field and ridiculously high levels of competence, I can’t think of a better qualified person who could bring such an event together. She modelled open communication and respect which allowed a forum where everyone had their contribution respected and heard.
Overall, the staff of the Healing with Horse Collective created and held a space which put not only the wellbeing and welfare of horses but the immense capacity of horses to deliver healing at the centre of the event. Probably the most central aspect of this event being so successful was Diedre’s herd from Caballo Andante Equine Services. Just to look at these horses and experience their presence is a testament to how deeply respected and well cared for they are. It is rare to see a herd of horses who have such confidence to look you in the eye and demand that you hear their wisdom. This was key in giving me confidence that we are heading along the right path with our herd of mostly Arabians at Peakgrove, who are also very strong minded and certain when they have something to show people.
More than any other EAP training event, the Healing with Horse Collective really did set this up for us to hear what would the horse / herd do. Thank you to Diedre and all the team of supports who made this an event I will never forget and helped me find my EAP community. I can’t wait for the next Healing with Horse Symposium in Arizona.
Expect another epic experience in 2017, this time earlier in the spring, and be prepared for a simply amazing natural environment blended with gorgeous and luxurious, environmentally savvy facilities. Of course we will again host world class presenters, including returning practitioners Jess Campmans of Guided by Equus in Alberta, Canada; Saan Ecker and Joanne Byrnes of Peakgrove Solutions near Canberra, Australia; Nina Ekholm Fry of the Institute for Human-Animal Connection, University of Denver and the Animals in Human Health program, and Nancy Gex of Nurturing Mind Body & Soul in Gunnison, Colorado.
The RFP for both the 2017 Tele Summit and the Symposium will be coming out in late July/early August, and before that, the location and dates for the 5th Annual Healing with Horse Symposium will be formally announced!
So stay tuned, and have a wonderful Independence holiday (for those of you in the U.S.)!

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  1. Hello, I would very much like to attend the 2017 symposium. I understand seats are limited so would appreciate being able to hold a spot until registration is available. May I request to be advised as soon as you finalize the event and open it up to registering as I really do not want to miss this opportunity. Thank you so much!

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