Speakers, Topics, & Times! The 2017 Tele Summit FREE Release: Part 1

Speakers, Topics, & Times!

The 2017 Tele Summit FREE Release Revealed

Part 1


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The Tele Summit begins on Wednesday February 15 with Koelle Simpson’s talk, “Introducing the Equus Coaching Approach.” Equus Coach Practitioners have presented at The Healing with Horse Symposium in the past, but this will be the first time founder Koelle Simpson will be speaking herself. In this talk, Koelle shares how her childhood primed her for a career that took off when she joined Monty Roberts’ team at Flag Is Up Farms, and developed into healing and thriving work for people as Koelle discovered her true calling. Koelle has largely been working outside the EAP/L, EFL/T, or EGE communities of professionals, yet has built a global network. If you have ever wondered what the practitioner who caught Oprah Winfrey and Martha Beck’s eyes is up to, now is the time to learn more!

Koelle is also Friday evening’s Keynote Speaker at the Fifth Anniversary Symposium April 28-30, and will do a live demonstration of the Equus Coaching Approach on Saturday.

Thursday, February 16 will arrive with Practitioner Sheryl Brown from southern California, speaking to us about a program she developed as a way to get her business known and her community of clients growing. She created an Equine Meditation Circle, and in her first year, created a list of over 500 potential participants, and has had over 300 people participate in the circles. Listen to how she determined her needs for a business, met those needs using simple social media processes to spread the word, and began with a simple yet profound program to introduce the public to her business. Not only is this concept profound, but it distinguishes her program from others. Then learn how you can do this, too! This is a rich session chock full of processes, ideas, and research to help you do what Sheryl did. Truly the mark of a generous professional! You won’t want to miss it.

Friday, February 17 brings returning Tele Summit speakers Saan Ecker and Joanne Byrnes of Canberra, Australia. This year they lay out the bones of a retreat they run and on which they have been collecting outcomes-based research—An Equine Assisted Buddhist Mindfulness Retreat. Learn how Saan and Jo structure their retreat to add an amplifying effect to this traditional retreat structure within this Tibetan Buddhist tradition of which Saan is a trained and certified practitioner.

Then the week ends on Saturday, February 18 with a heart-and-mind-expanding talk with horsewoman, farrier, writer, and musician Kesia Nagata. Kesia’s topic, “The Rewilding Project and the Meaning of ‘Natural’” tells what she has learned as she, her family, and her herd of horses moved from place to place and landed in a veritable wilderness in northern British Columbia, Canada. In this talk, Kesia explores and reveals what “natural” and “wild” really mean, not just in concept, but in practice. You won’t want to miss this talk that will have you sometimes catching your breath, sometimes breathing sighs of relief as you explore and possibly release some of your mental constructs about nature and what is natural.

Week 2 begins with one of the great frontiers-women of our field, Linda Kohanov from Amado, Arizona. On Monday, February 20th, listen to Linda share the deceptively complex concept emotional heroism. Linda talks about the qualities that make up this concept, which allows a person to be on leadership teams, in communities, and in other social settings in which the dominant culture is one that is not making decisions grounded in emotionally intelligent skillsets. Linda lays out the qualities and applies them to situations to show how emotional heroism is needed and can be applied. She also discusses how, like muscles, these skills can be exercised and developed into a more robust set of skills, and how horses can help build our and our clients’ emotional heroism muscles.

Linda will offer the keynote address on Saturday of the Symposium  April 28-30th. She will demonstrate the Eponaquest Approach on Sunday, and will lead a post-conference 1-day workshop on Monday, May 1 on emotional heroism. This is timely material and you don’t want to miss any of this!

Linda’s talk is followed on Tuesday, February 21st with Englishwoman Angela Dunning’s conversation about her wonderfully informative and timely book The Horse Leads the Way ~ Honoring the True Role of the Horse in Equine Facilitated Practice. This book coming out just as this talk goes live, covers many topics, many of which center around honoring the horse as a sentient being with needs, rights, choices, and preferences of their own. Topics covered in this talk include providing ways for horses to set boundaries then recognizing and honoring those boundaries; what qualities and skills facilitators need to be effective; the importance of our equine caretaking practices; trainings in this work and distinctions between types of facilitations and experiential work; exploring work environments and horses temperaments, and…the list goes on and on! This is a very rich talk that has as its central focus the sentience of horses, and what a recognition of sentience can do for and with your practice, your care taking, the field’s ethics, and your own life.

Equine Holistic Health Practitioner Gizelle Hamilton from southern Australia starts your Wednesday, February 22nd with fascinating information about how herbs can be used to both heal horses from any illnesses and injury, as well as maintain horses’ health in ways that can greatly reduce costs and side effects that come with pharmaceutical choices. Learn about the realities of the beautifully cultivated mono-culture pastures of today, and how to include herbs into your horse’s environment in as natural ways as possible, no matter what your horse keeping situation is, from stalls to smaller paddocks to groomed pastures to huge, wild meadows. You will learn much from Gizelle that can make your horse keeping much healthier, and your vet bills much lower. Be sure also to check out Gizelle’s lovely “Lessons Learned” Blog, “A Journey to Natural Equine Medicine”.

Gizelle is followed on Thursday, February 23rd by social entrepreneur and equine aficionado, Jini Patel Thompson. Jini’s information-rich talk is all about how to develop and grow your client base. Now, I must interject here, because I have looked long and hard for a business development specialist whose teaching is applicable to our unique and complex set of vocational parameters. And Jini has it! Whether your equine practice is just beginning or has been around a while, the advice and learning in this session will take your business to the next step. And you can also learn a lifetime’s worth of horse care and everything connected to that topic in ways that honors the horse’s sentience, from Jini’s website blog. One sample of the type of interwoven storylines that Jini and her small team of writers cover is Jini’s “Lessons Learned” blog, “Trees and the Underground Web”. To get plugged in to Jini’s powerful heart-based, intelligent and dynamic world check out her website(s), her Tele Summit talk, and her April Symposium presentations!

The work week closes with corporate-chick-gone-Colorado-ranch-owner Natalie Allio’s storyteller’s dream of a talk, “The Equine Assisted Practitioner’s Archetypal Journey” on Friday, February 24th. Natalie and I have been sharing conversation about the epic journey this work with horses puts so many of its practitioners—and horses!—on. We noticed that many people seemed to be on a similar, and mythic (therefore archetypal), journey that had qualities of nomadism, issues of belonging, adventure, learning, self-enrichment, doors closing, windows opening, and other adventurous aspects, not just of the Hero’s Journey mono-myth, but of many legends and lores. If you find your life has gotten big but also a bit…shall we say…nuts, taking everything you’ve got and more to simply survive and hold on to your dreams, know you are not alone. Listen to Natalie’s eloquent exploration of the layering of embedded stories in the Equine practitioner’s journey, and gain insight—and a tribe—along your own path.

Barbara Breckenfeld equine massage

Saturday February 25th brings equine massage and bodyworker Barbara Breckenfeld. In this fabulous learning session, Barbara walks us through much knowledge of the equine soma that informs aspects of an equine assisted practitioner’s work. She introduces us to the body’s fibrous connective tissue, called fascia, and its connections to equilibrium and motion, but also to emotion and the horse’s senses. Barbara discusses the implications of this knowledge and the value of body work and energy healing for horses to help them clear and refresh for their work with clients. Truly a talk you won’t want to miss. Also check out her beautiful and intelligent “Lessons Learned From Rescue Horses” blog post.


And that’s just the half of it!

Because to celebrate the Fifth Anniversary of the Tele Summit and thanks to the incredible generosity within the collective of people who team with horses for healing and thriving work, we have 20 talks this year! The full list of free release dates, topics, and speakers is below.

So make sure to sign up for this year’s epic Tele Summit and Celebrate your work, your journey, and your place among those dedicating themselves to teaming with horses to make the world a better place. This year’s talks are designed to make you feel as though the speakers are with you, sipping cups of tea or coffee and sharing wisdom as they invite you to explore concepts and expand your vision and practice, right from your home (or favorite coffee shop!). Join in the sharing of responses and ideas in writing after each session to get your learning connected to your practice, and to engage with your circle of colleagues around the world.

And in the weeks before that, you can share now! Please do! Below is a fun way to do it. For every person who shares what they are looking forward to and hope to learn in the Facebook post below, I will reply with a horse picture “answer” to honor your message. It’s a fun way to get the energy pumping in the weeks before this event begins!

2017 Tele Summit Speakers & Topics


  1. Wed Feb 15: Koelle Simpson – Introducing the Equus Coaching Approach
  2. Thurs Feb 16: Sheryl Brown – Build Your Community of Clients with Equine Meditation Circles
  3. Fri Feb 17: Saan Ecker & Joanne Byrnes – A Buddhist Mindfulness Retreat with Outcomes-Based Results
  4. Sat Feb 18: Kesia Nagata – The Rewilding Project and the Meaning of Natural
  5. Mon Feb 20: Linda Kohanov – Emotional Heroism
  6. Tues Feb 21: Angela Dunning – The Horse Leads the Way ~ Honoring the True Role of the Horse in Equine Facilitated Practice
  7. Wed Feb 22: Gizelle Hamilton – Holistic Healing Through Herbs For Our Equine Partners
  8. Thurs Feb 23: Jini Patel Thompson – Developing & Growing Your Client Base
  9. Fri Feb 24: Natalie Allio – The Equine Assisted Practitioner’s Archetypal Journey
  10. Sat Feb 25: Barbara Breckenfeld – Equine Massage & Bodywork
  11. Mon Feb 27: Lynn Thomas & Mark Lytle – EAGALA: Journey of the Practice & Introducing the 2017 New Training Structure
  12. Tues Feb 28: Alejandra Lara – Working With The Military
  13. Wed March 1: Michelle Holling-Brooks – Developing Secure Attachments with Our Horses & Clients
  14. Thurs March 2: Ginny Telego – The Equine Experiential Education Association (E3A) Model
  15. Fri March 3: Diedre West – It’s All In How You Look At It: Holding Space
  16. Sat March 4: Pam Allen LeBlanc – Energy Healing for Humans & Horses
  17. Mon March 6: Trish Broersma – How to Build a Community-Based Program
  18. Tues March 7: Debbie Anderson & Blair Spring McKissock – Training Programs: Where to Begin…And Where To Go From There
  19. Wed March 8: Shelley Rosenberg – Making It A Career: Advice from a Full-Time Practitioner
  20. Thurs March 9: Jess Campmans – Becoming That Which You Are Called to Do: A Study in Sentience

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