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The 2017 Healing with Horse Tele Summit

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What you Get When You Purchase:

  • A Downloadable Set of 20 audio sessions
  • Handouts from many of the sessions
  • A link to a page of audio players only so you can listen even when your bandwidth is weak.



Enjoy! Learn! Be inspired! Feel your engagement in your work be renewed!



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Session 2: Sheryl Brown

Build Your Client Community With Equine Meditation Circles



Session 3: Joanne Byrnes & Saan Ecker

A Buddhist Mindfulness Retreat with Outcomes-Researched Results



Session 4: Kesia Nagata

The ReWilding Project and the Meaning of Natural


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Session 6: Angela Dunning

The Horse Leads the Way ~ Honoring the True Role of the Horse in Equine Facilitated Practice


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Session 11: Lynn Thomas & Mark Lytle

EAGALA: Journey of the Practice & Introducing the New Training Structure


Session 14: Ginny Telego

The Equine Experiential Education Association ~ E3A ~ Model


Session 15: Diedre West

It's All About How You Look At It: On Holding Sacred Space


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Session 18: Debbie Anderson & Blair McKissock

Training Programs: Where to Begin...And Where To Go From There



Session 19: Shelley Rosenberg

Making It A Career: Advice from A Full-Time Practitioner



Session 20:  Jess Campmans

Becoming That Which You Are Called To Do: A Study In Sentience



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