The Symposium Report


The Symposium Report

The Fourth Annual Healing with Horse Symposium was, simply put, life
13268152_10153903353504821_7581614757725416948_ochanging. A shift in each attendee’s personal energy, and even in the collective community of facilitators of this work, has occurred. All that is left (at least until next year!) is the adventure—of seeing how that shift makes itself known in practices, clients, horses, and facilitators as they spread the impact to their parts of the world. Michelle Denton, who once served as an advisor in the Clinton White
House and now coaches clients based out of England said, “I returned home inspired, enabled, and blown away by amazing presenters and the breadth of work we were exposed to. 13305017_10153903353499821_8732777160237053779_oAnd, as if that’s not enough, I met lovely people, feel energized and focused all the while finding myself laughing a lot. What more could one ask for?!!”

Other feedback included such comments as “Unbelievably great!” “I got more clear on my place in this field”, and “I’m beyond impressed, grateful, empowered, engaged; I loved it!” The 13320369_10153907755664821_4232389733569755152_osuggestions for improvement? “This should be a mandatory training for facilitators of all models!”

But if you missed it, do not worry; the shift in the field, we all know, will bring deeper learning each year.

I am SO very honored to be an integral part of such an amazing event. Seriously, wh13317063_10208218359648398_7254057744231201079_oo could imagine a life such as this! That was my predominant feeling as I
brought horses back to their pasture, cleaned at Firehawk Ranch (what little was left for me to do after participants and presenters alike pitched in!), and put things back into their pre-conference order.
I hope all of us who team with horses to help bring a healthy flow back into people’s knowing, loving, and being feel as lucky and
grateful as I do. This is, often 13329527_1267996876551362_2530282492558172224_o
and after all, not always easy work. Issues of finances, logistics, marketing, wearing many hats, personal areas of development, and simply the predominant suffering and stuckness of a culture at the end of an era can make it feel like we are trying to
move mountains.

Isn’t it amazing that the four-legged partners who were instrumental in
DSC00179spreading cultures to all geographic corners of the world are carrying us once again? Linda Kohanov said we are ambassadors. I invite you to engage in this community of ambassadors as much as you are ready. Below, you can read about the different symposium events, categorized as:

The Keynote Address and Demos
The Breakout Sessions
13327561_10153905351444821_4266842543447150548_nThe Workshops


We look forward to seeing you next year!


Note: for information about the 2017 Healing with Horse Symposium, stay tuned! Dates, location, and presenter previews will be out in July!



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