2019 Healing with Horse Tele Summit

The Return!

The 2019 Healing with Horse Tele Summit marks the return of this event as host, Diedre West, has returned to life after a healing journey with late stage cancer.

This 6th annual TeleSummit offers education, ideas, Best Practices, and inspiration for your equine practice.

This year's theme is based on a moment that changed the direction of Diedre's healing journey. It is such a key shift, and such an important practice from which to evolve, that this year we honor and explore:

The Pause

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March 18 - 31, 2019

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2019 Tele Summit Speakers & Topics

  1. Mon March 18: Mary Miller Jordan ~ Make It Make Sense: What Horses Want from Us
  2. Tues March 19: Pam Allen LeBlanc ~ Horsekeeping for a Thriving Practice
  3. Wed March 20: Sheryl Brown, Alejandra Lara, and Carol Caddes ~ Panel: Innovations in Horse Meditation Circles
  4. Thurs March 21: Ginny Telego ~ Adding Business Training to Your Offerings
  5. Fri March 22: Pam Salem ~ What to Learn: A Little Lore on Trainings in Equine Practice
  6. Sat March 23: Sabinananda - Sabina Cox ~ Clearing the Way: Your Personal Co-Evolution with Horse
  7. Sun March 24: Priscilla Marden ~ Learning to Listen: A Lifetime with Horses
  8. Mon March 25: Carolyn Resnick & Nancy Zintsmaster ~ Self-Realization & Relationship: The Carolyn Resnick Method
  9. Tues March 26: Eva UsadiMoral Injury in the Military / Existential Crisis in Society
  10. Wed March 27: Ann Alden ~ From Practitioner to Patient: An Inside View of a Cancer Journey
  11. Thurs March 28: Dale Figtree ~ Nutrition: It's Not Just for Horses Anymore
  12. Fri March 29: Jess Campmans ~ Evolution of the Relationship: Ancestral, Past Life, & Akashic Healing for Humans and Horses, Together

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