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  • A PayPal billing page will open in a new tab.
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  • To add more items, just view options in the dropdown menu and select the next one you want. You will note it gets added to your already existing bill in the next tab.
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Thank you, and...


We expect this event to create profound inner shifts and expansions for all,

a learning and self-development gift you will never forget!



Choose A Package Deal


Purchase the Full Symposium Package without lodging for $850 + taxes & fees.

    1. Conference: Friday April 28 beginning at 4pm - Sunday April to 6pm
    2. All Keynote Addresses
    3. Linda Kohanov's 1-day Workshop Monday May 1
    4. Equine Guided Constellations 1-day Workshop Thursday April 27
    5. Jess Campmans' 1-day Energy Healing Workshop Friday April 28
    6. Lunches and Dinners (note: No breakfast options) included for the following dates:
      • Friday & Saturday keynote dinners
      • Saturday & Sunday lunches
      • Meals during pre- & post-conference workshops can be purchased separately as the third option in the PayPal dropdown menu (note: if you want to order lunch for specific workshops rather than all 3, go to the Workshops a la carte dropdown menu at the bottom of the page)


 ------------   OR   ------------

On-Site Retreat Package for $1,725 + taxes & fees.

On-Site Symposium 3-day Package for $899 + taxes & fees. 

SOLD OUT: While the on-site lodging is sold out, there are a number of nearby inns with space, as well as lodging on Nearby inns are listed on the bottom of the Symposium page. Contact Diedre with questions: 303-880-7240.


2017 Symposium Package Options


Á La Carte Options


Purchase the Symposium alone  Friday April 28 at 4pm - Sunday April 30 at 8pm: $499.

* Purchase price includes keynote dinners on both Friday & Saturday nights.


Purchase individual days of the symposium (including the dinner/Keynote for that day): prices vary.


Purchase individual dinner/Keynote speeches (Friday or Sunday. Note you would do this ONLY if you are NOT attending any other part of the symposium that day. This option allows attendees family or friends who are visiting Sonoita with you but not attending the Symposium to join dinner; it also accommodates locals): $55


Purchase lunches for Saturday / Sunday separately.


2017 Symposium a la carte options


------------   AND / OR   ------------

Select any one or more Workshops at the following rates:

    1. Linda Kohanov's 1-day Workshop* Monday May 1: $200
    2. Equine Guided Constellations 1-day Workshop* Thursday April 27: $150
    3. Jess Campmans' 1-day Energy Healing Workshop* Friday April 28: $100
*Please note that meals during these workshop times are separate from the workshop prices & can be ordered & purchased beforehand by email, when you arrive, or you can bring your own lunch and snack food.

2017 Workshops a la carte options