Meet the 2021Tele Summit Speakers and Online Symposium Presenters

Click on the Presenter's image or name to go to their bio page. The video offers a sampler from the 2021 Tele Summit audio session April Online Symposium Session.

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Introduction: Diedre West

Intro of the Theme "Answering the Call: Becoming Whole & Connected" & More!


Session 1: Tiffany MacNeil & Mike Brayton

2021 Theme Song "We Walk Side By Side

Session 2: Juli Lynch

Going Virtual: Creating, promoting, and facilitating a virtual/online Equine Facilitated Coaching or Therapy practice

Session 3: Pam Allen LeBlanc

Animal Reiki: The Genesis of a new course that benefits our horses & us

Session 4: Carla Bauchmueller

Three Keys to More Joy & Confidence on Horseback & in Life

Session 5: Andrée Baillargeon

Becoming a Voice for Horses: Cultivating connection & reciprocity


Session 6: Pete Jeffs

Horse Kinesiology: From muscle testing for diagnosis to Bach Flowers for treatment


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Session 7: Eva Usadi & Alejandra Lara

Getting to We: The role of community in Moral Injury Repair


Session 8: Kera Willis

Ride for Joy: How to bring kids together with horses in ways that catalyze healing, communion, & wonder


Session 9: Pat Buffalo

Manaciso - Healing with Horses: Cree wisdom about the heart of healing

Session 10: Linda Kohanov

Connections 101: A scaleable course to enhance & grow your practice

Session 11: Kerri Lake

Culture of the Heart: Simplify to open new spaces for connection

Session 12: Kim Cardeccia

Transform the Rehab Horse into a Four-Legged Therapist/Teacher

Session 13: Molly DePrekel

Shifting your Practice from In-Person to On-Screen: The story, the learning curve, the Best Practices that evolved

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Session 14: Judy Brightman

Cultivating Self Care to Nourish Ourselves & Create a Grounded, Embodied Presence


Session 15: Trish Lemke

Life Coaching Tools to Aid your Online & In-Person Equine Sessions


Session 16: Kat Cornelius

Poetry & Story of a Horse Owner: What horses are supporting in their humans' lives


Session 17: Jess Campmans

The Whole, Connected Self: A calling from Horse & Beyond


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