Juli Lynch Starts the Educational Audio Sessions Off…

…on Saturday, March 13. Juli’s timely and information-packed talk, “Going Virtual: Creating, promoting, & Facilitating a virtual/online Equine Facilitated Coaching or Therapy Practice” will give you a ton of support in expanding your practice. In a time when in-person sessions, particularly group programming, can be challenging, this talk offers you tons of ideas and detailed practices to develop offerings you can offer online using Zoom or other live video platforms, to bring horses where your clients are.

In this way, you can also expand your client base, offer sessions to people who for any reason cannot come to your horses, and be an invaluable support to people who need the particular, powerful healing horses offer.  For your participants, online can make your and your horses’ support, inaccessible because of travel, time, financial, or family responsibilities, newly feasible.


Juli Lynch Tele Summit Talk releases Saturday, March 13, 2021

If you’ve had your doubts, now is the time to learn what’s possible!

Check out the Tele Summit Page for more information about the whole series of 19 talks, releasing for FREE from March 12 – 28, 2021.

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