The Holiday Season is Here!

Can you feel the CHANGE in the Air?

The Horses Can! Come play with the

Healing with Horse Collective.

What Humanity Faces Today Can be Seen as Destiny or Chaos. What do you see?

Six years ago, I had a series of visions and communications from Spirit about a time in which humans would be wearing medical masks, afraid to gather, afraid to go to work, afraid and angry. I didn't actually think it could happen. The horses confirmed these visions...but they weren't afraid. Far from it! This, they showed, was WHY they were teaming with us in these new ways. They were carrying us, calling us. In partnership with our horses, we have much to offer, and much to be grateful for. This is sacred--a sacred time, on blessed ground, wherever you are. I invite you to be a part of the learning, innovations, programming adjustments, new best practices, and inspiring stories in the spring 2021 Tele Summit and Symposium. Get ready to participate. To be INSPIRED, UPLIFTED, INFORMED, and to rejoin your COMMUNITY. And, if you feel so called, to PRESENT!

Ways to Play:

  • Share a story. In the blog post “The Tao of Denny,”¬†Healing with Horse host Diedre West shares a few stories about her mustang, Denny, who you have probably seen often on the website and other Collective materials, including the 2021 offering banners. But we are a herd! We’d love for you to share your horse stories! Please email them to Diedre, so they can be shared in future newsletters and blogs.
  • Submit a proposal for the March 2021 Tele Summit, the April 2021 Online Symposium!¬†Submissions based on the theme of how to best answer the Horse Collective’s calling right now, within the unique human environments we find ourselves today, are not limited to but could include:
    • Ways to adjust or expand our Equine Practice Offerings
    • New Best Practices to ensure wellness for clients and staff
    • Who most needs our horses’ support now, and how to reach these populations
    • Inspiring and Uplifting information, messages, or perspectives and how to move forward into practice
    • Taking care of our horses and ourselves
    • New training offerings that expand our equine practices
  • Participate by bringing your presence to these digital events! The Tele Summit FREE release will occur in March. Stay tuned! As we approach the release, there will be information for how to listen to the FREE release, and virtual gathering spaces to increase your community participation and listen to and support others doing the same. We want to enfold YOU in the circle of the Human and Horse Collective. Let us know how you are doing, and what you are hoping to acquire. Even if you are not presenting, your presence is valued, and your voice welcomed. Get involved!

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