Trish Lemke

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Trish Lemke is the owner, coach and lead facilitator at Joy Rides Coaching, giving people the opportunity to connect with self, horses and nature through mind, body and spirit work. Through transformational retreats, international horse trips and individual coaching, she specialized in helping clients take control of their lives and move forward with more happiness and peace.

She is a certified Martha Beck Life Coach as well as a Certified Equine Interactional Professional. Having worked with horses and humans more than half of her life, first as a wrangler and tour guide in the mountains, then as a programs’ director for an equine assisted therapy center and now as an equine and wellness coach, Trish’s passion is in showing people the amazing moments that exist in the horse/human relationship. She loves to create space for exploration, enlightenment, fun and adventure and to help clients listen to their guts and open their hearts to the messages that the horses are trying to convey.

You can find more about her trips and offerings at or contact her through email at or by phone at 970-946-7835