Sheryl Brown

Sheryl Brown

PANEL. Innovations and Experiences with Horse Meditation Circles
with creator Sheryl Brown & innovators Alejandra Lara & Carol Caddes


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Sheryl is an entrepreneur with a history of being involved in pioneering new approaches in the fields of health and fitness. She led one of the first corporate health and wellness program in the U.S. at General Dynamics, serving 15,000 employees and their families.  She’s a founder and former Executive Director of the nonprofit American Council on Exercise (ACE) and she was CEO and one of the innovators of Wellcoaches, the first wellness coach training and certification program.

Then, in the late 90s, Sheryl was diagnosed with lupus.  About a year later, she was also diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.  It was devastating news, both personally and professionally.

Mainstream medical treatments did not prove successful. Feeling alone and scared, she started meditating – daily.  She became absorbed in the process and stopped focusing on the disease other than for her regular visits to a rheumatologist.  During the visits, he began noticing that Sheryl was improving.  The rheumatologist was curious how Sheryl could be getting better.  She describes, “It wasn’t easy to answer. It was a deeply personal journey I was on and so he simply continued to watch me get better.  He was bewildered, curious, and — pleased for me.”

Somewhere along the way, remarkably, within a year or so, Sheryl became symptom-free.

But it wasn’t just about illness. Sheryl was a changed person.  All the daily changes she made as a result of meditation and listening to inner guidance had accumulated.  Many of the changes were small and hard to see on a daily basis, but given time, you could stand back and easily see the changes.  For example, she resigning from the corporate work she’d been doing and left a marriage.  And as a result of all the changes, Sheryl was happier, emotionally healthier, and living more of the life she wanted.

Sheryl wanted to share her learning but wasn’t sure how to convey it.  The element that gave her a way forward was the horse.  At first her horse was just a means for horseback riding – something she loved to do.  It wasn’t until she got thrown and hurt that her desire to connect with her horse and understand her relationship with her mare led to a whole new world of discovery about horses, herself, and about the art of using horses in equine facilitated learning. And so, instead of using a traditional coaching process to help guide someone through the wellness journey, she t

eams with horses to provide an experience that teaches healing;


that is in and of itself healing.

Today, Sheryl is the Founder and owner of Healing Horse,
dedicated to using horses to guide personal development and wellness in people.  She splits her time between developing her business and expanding her artwork around horses.

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Purchase the Full Tele Summit Set of 12 Sessions by clicking the image to the left, or click HERE.