Shelley Rosenberg

Shelley Rosenberg

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And announcing a Unique Collaboration and powerful learning event:

My Horses My Healers    &    

Healing with Horse Collective 


International Equine Summit

at Apache Springs October 7-9, 2017


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Shelley is the director of a new non-profit, My Horses, My Healers, Inc., offering sanctuary for horses and equine facilitated learning and psychotherapy for humans. She works as a consultant and coach, inspiring and supporting new equine facilitated learning programs internationally.

Shelley was Linda Kohanov’s ranch manager for five years during their time at Apache Springs Ranch. Before that, she worked with Barbara Rector in developing the Adolescent Care and therapeutic riding program for Sierra Tucson.

As a dressage rider, Shelley an “L” graduate and a seasoned dressage riding instructor. With forty five years of experience in the art of communicating with humans and horses, Shelley believes there is a new way to teach riding in which riders understand what they are feeling both physically and emotionally. She has a unique way of teaching the beginner to ride where fear is not part of the lesson.  Experienced equestrians often learn how their unconscious fears are embodied in ways that may limit their riding, and they can make changes to improve dramatically.

Shelley will work with any type of horse or mule. Her facility is a sanctuary where she rescues animals and trains them to become a safe mount for anyone. People may send their horses for a happy retirement in her pastures. The sanctuary also offers personal development retreats and psychotherapy intensives with the horses as co-therapists.  She believes all horses can be the mirror in which we can truly see ourselves.

PO Box 1250, Sonoita, AZ 85637

+1 520 419 6467


Purchase the Full Tele Summit Set of 20 Sessions by clicking the image to the left, or click HERE.