Pam Allen LeBlanc

Pam Allen LeBlanc

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Below is a 2-part series with Pam that goes into more detail about the “negative energies” she references in her Tele Summit session.  This audio series is hosted by Dr. Jenn, founder of the Healing with Horse Collective, and Part 1 is offered below for FREE:


How Clearing Cords, Energies & Entities Can Help
You, Your Clients, & Your Horses Transform More Quickly & Easily
Introduction: Invisible Obstacles to Growth:

Part 2 of the Invisible Obstacles series is a 2 hour 45 min recorded audio class that teaches YOU how to clear yourself, your horses, and your property. Very important and really powerful as well, it offers a group clearing.  We are offering this audio course to you for a very affordable price of YOUR CHOOSING!

Clearing Invisible Obstacles to Growth



Reiki Master and Animal Communicator Pam Allen-LeBlanc of Hidden Brook Farm in Durham Bridge, NB, Canada, is an avid horsewoman with over 30 years of experience working with horses.  She was a certified Pony Club coach while in her teens, and has studied under such Natural Horsemanship equine masters as Lenden Grey, Clinton Anderson, Mark Rashid, John Lyons, Monty Roberts and Stacy Westfall. And now that she can hear the horses in her animal communication work, the horses themselves have become her teachers. 

For Pam, energy work was undertaken initially to help overcome her own health issues. As she trained, she discovered that horses and energy go very well together, and she also began using essential oils to help support the energy work and the horses.  She developed a varied but complementary skillset, working with body language, animal communication, energy, psychology, emotional congruence and understanding, bonding with horses, essential oils and Reiki.

In addition to horsemanship lessons and training, Pam now works as a Usui/Holy Fire ART Master and a Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® Master, offering treatments to humans and horses and teaching Reiki classes. Pam also offers animal communication sessions and blends and sells her own line of essential oils.

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Purchase the Full Tele Summit Set of 20 Sessions by clicking the image to the left, or click HERE.