Lynn Thomas

Lynn Thomas, LCSW, first developed a program integrating horses in mental health treatment while serving as Executive Director of Aspen Ranch, a residential boarding school for troubled adolescents. In 1999, Lynn co-founded Eagala, the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association, providing training and certification in the Eagala Model of incorporating horses in psychotherapy. In the 21 years she served as CEO, Lynn built Eagala into a leading worldwide organization and model in the area of mental health through horses, and influenced the rising awareness and credibility of this approach in the mental health community.

This year, Lynn’s pioneering focus has moved into creating two new organizations: Horses for Mental Health (HMH), a nonprofit focused on advocacy, public awareness, and fundraising to support professional practices uplifting mental health and well-being globally through horses, and Arenas for Change (ARCH), a learning organization providing online and hands-on training, community, and specialized designations focused on facilitation skillsets which may be applied in mental health and learning contexts involving horses and animals.