Kesia Nagata

Kesia Nagata

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When Kesia was still a teen she had her dreams come true – on a mom-enabled whim, she purchased a Quarter Horse mare, Amalia, from her aunt…with her college fund.  Amalia is still with Kesia, and they are still learning from each other.

Soon after, the pair was joined by Spero, a green Arab/Andalusian 4 year old gelding Kesia found on Craigslist. With two horses, the plot thickened. Faced with the care, training, and need to build relationships with two very different, very complex horse-beings, Kesia’s life began taking strange twists and turns as she took opportunities and refused others in order to facilitate their journey together.

Kesia has had to make it up, tackle giant learning curves, improvise, and take risks all along the way. The three of them have lived and worked together in show barns, in backyard acreages, on 1500 acres of range, by wide and roaring rivers, at the feet of mountains, and under old-growth cedars.

Kesia has worked in dressage and jumper stables, ridden the range looking for lost cattle, and worked as Equine Specialist and herd manager at an Equine Facilitated Therapy Centre. She has studied barefoot trimming, equine ethology, and equine nutrition. She has ridden English, Western, treeless, bareback, backwards and sideways. She has looked into every training method under the sun, and tried whatever felt right at the time.

But really? Kesia’s absolute most favourite horsey-time activity?

Just being. Seeing what happens. Exploring the depth and width of relationship, daring it to go deeper or wider. Being surprised. Being together. Being with all that they are. And learning ever more about who they are and why they have chosen to be here, on this earth, in these bodies, with us.

Recently, The Firefly joined her herd when Amalia foaled in the cool dark of a summer’s early morning. Kesia says, “Firefly feels like the exhale after seven years of holding our breath. She feels like the spreading warmth of a good single malt. She feels like home. I don’t know where she’ll take us all next, but I have some ideas. I’ll keep you posted.”

In the meantime, Kesia is writing songs and poetry largely inspired by her journeys into the wild, more often than not with a horse or two or three at her side. And practicing Ki Aikido. And campaigning for real food, and holistic health. And staying open to the flow…

Check Kesia out at Listen To Your Horse.


Purchase the Full Tele Summit Set of 20 Sessions by clicking the image to the left, or click HERE.