Kerri Lake

Culture of the Heart: Simplify to open new spaces for connection


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Kerri was awake and aware as a very small child. Horses found her at age 2 when cousins would bring their ponies over for birthday parties and family celebrations. The connection was immediate and unbreakable. At ages 3 and 4, she was doing healing energy work on animals and anything else that shone brightly in her vision. Around age 11, National Geographic was her best friend and teacher. Always eager to expand, Kerri would connect with the animals and people from around the world and ask to be shown what life was like from their point of view, from the connection in their hearts. Before she had any context for spiritual gifts, Kerri clearly received the message “pay attention to how you are learning so that one day you can show others.”

Despite all this, Kerri’s childhood family didn’t understand and actively discouraged her gifts. Confusion and disempowerment did become part of her experience; it led her to several abusive relationships and a near death experience in 1995. The love and clarity of that experience reminded her that life is to be loved, savored, and celebrated. After the NDE, her 9-year marriage eventually ended when she owned her knowledge and also learned to set boundaries. Since that time, Kerri has reclaimed her true nature and capacity to assist others to navigate the very real, multidimensional facets of life we all must walk through to embody the love that is our true nature.

Kerri’s friendship with horses continues to be an intimate relationship with the beloved. Her most poignant experiences have unfolded during opportunities of profound healing for both the animals and herself. Though her professional life ranged from truck driving to animal management to helping build a technology corporation from the ground up, she was often called in to work with difficult horses and other animals when others were at a loss for what to do. Her healing work came to be described as “healing with her being.” The work she developed for listening to horses carried over to her way of being with and assisting people.

The presence of horses never leaves her – the intimate connection is now so integrated that she has reclaimed her true nature and can walk in sovereignty, side-by-side with them in inter-species harmony. Her wisdom has grown from interacting with and learning from everyone and everything. True to her commitment to pay attention to how she learns, the work she shares today is rooted in guiding others to recognize their own innate way of learning, being and communicating in all realms of consciousness. Her approach invites healing on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms with profound simplicity.

Kerri has written two books, Listen Like A Horse: Relationships Without Dominance and Spiritually Gifted, her autobiography. Both serve to offer permission for others to express their own uniqueness, to listen without judgment and to constantly expand their perspectives. Her own innate gifts and abilities continue to expand as she walks uncompromisingly from the heart, toward the heart. Today she assists through 1-1 sessions and “hands-on” facilitation, co-creating as a team member to facilitate projects, companies and teams who wish to live and work from the heart, for the heart. Her work assists others to clarify and accelerate the spiritual journey, discover or expand intuitive capacity, integrate higher consciousness through all aspects of life, heal and regenerate the body, expand communication, heal and regenerate relationships with all species, facilitate the ability to teach and facilitate, integrate higher consciousness through the physical, dissolve conflict in communication with humanity and walk absent of judgment with an open heart. Ultimately, the greatest gift she can offer is her own purity of heart with encouragement that if she can do it, so can you.

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