Joanne Byrnes

Joanne Byrnes


Jo, co-director at Peakgrove Solutions previously worked for 25 years as an air traffic controller. During this time, Joanne studied Masters of Gestalt therapy and Family Constellations. Joanne combined a full time job with part time work as a therapist, group facilitator, trainer and Constellations facilitator for ten years. Joanne joined Peakgrove Solutions three years ago as a therapist. Combining all facets of her life and work so far, Joanne’s Constellation work with horses allows for:

  • complex systems to be witnessed
  • patterns, blocks, imbalances and entanglements to be seen
  • healing through inclusion and connection
  • truth to emerge in a non-judgmental way and be believed deep systemic healing to start and love to flow

Joanne believes that family constellation work is more than a therapy, it is a way of living. Joanne has worked with organisational groups, PTSD, anxiety, couples, families and children.

Joanne spent her childhood on a farm before moving to a city for a career. She has now returned to a rural life full time, living amongst the Peakgrove herd as a just reward.

Joanne still lives within an hour of a city which allows her cultural tastes for theatre and classical music to be met occasionally.

Joanne Byrnes and Saan Ecker are based outside Canberra, Australia. Please check them out at or call at +61413 952246.