Jess Campmans

Jess Campmans


Jess is an intuitive energy healer and spiritual messenger who bridges worlds, inspiring and guiding humans into understanding, connecting and embodying the Infinite potential and wisdom within them.  Facilitating equine guided healing and a deeper connection to the Infinite Self, Jess and the horses at Guided by Equus offer an experience beyond words.

Horses have always been Jess’s life and soul’s passion, and her family owns a herd of foundation Morgans. At one point in her life, though, it seemed that none of what she was doing with the horses’ training was working. A decision to open up to change ignited a complete shift into who Jess is today.

Jess gained, not just mental knowledge, but all-body awareness that there is so much more than what we perceive.  She gained wisdom and, through extensive EAP/L training and a myriad of mind/body trainings, an ability to access healing processes that affect the mind, body, spirit, and beyond, began to shape itself.

In addition to being an intuitive guide, equine guided facilitator, and energy healer, Jess is also a farm owner with her husband and mother of 4.

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