APRIL 2: Alistair Wait

What Would the Horse Do?

Developing a Herd of Facilitators at New Zealand’s Dune Lakes Lodge


Rob, Rosemary, and Alistair’s Teaching Session is no longer active.

If you missed this teaching session or would like to hear it again, the 2016 Tele Summit is available for purchase here.

For a sampler of Rob, Rosemary, & Alistair’s session, click the audio player below:



Alistair Wait

Alistair Wait is an NLP Trainer and Equine Learning Facilitator living and working at Dune Lakes Lodge, Auckland New Zealand.

Alistair discovered the world of horses and healing after a chance meeting at a transformational festival and has since explored a wide variety of equine guided learning methodologies which he uses alongside his NLP training programs. Alistair has trained extensively with NLP co-originator John Grinder, and delivers ‘New Code’ NLP based workshops and trainings within an holistic and experiential equine learning environment that supports a wonderful exploration of body, mind and spirit. He has particular interest in how people make sense of their reality; how we relate with ourselves, and how this reflects in our relationships with others.

  • Within weekend workshops Alistair assists people to learn simple and effective techniques to connect with your body wisdom; release your natural powers for healing; and de-condition from our social imprinting.
  • Alistair’s NLP Practitioner Certification training program is for people who want to learn and incorporate NLP into their work and lives. This advanced NLP course gives you the necessary tools and techniques for working effectively while embodying the principals of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Formerly an international business consultant and trainer, Alistair’s specialty was within the values and cultural issues which affect individuals and organisations. Alistair has extensive experience as a negotiator and mediator, in participative design processes, in international and local economic development and organisational design. Alistair has consulted with large organisations in India, China and countries throughout the Pacific and with US Government sponsored projects in Central Asia. As an entrepreneur, he has operated an immigration law practice and co-founded Newton College of Business and Technology in Auckland, New Zealand.

Now semi-retired, Alistair stepped aside from his former career following major heart surgery in 2007 and the death of his wife Barbara in 2011. He is a Director of Equine Pathfinders Foundation, a registered charity making equine guided growth and learning opportunities accessible to all. His personal interests include photography, philosophy, intentional community, Human Design, mindful living and conscious horsemanship. Alistair maintains a small herd of horses for his NLP and Equine Inspired Learning work.

Check Alistair and the herd of two- and four-legged facilitators out at the Dune Lakes Lodge website.