Trish Broersma

Trish Broersma Listen to a teaser from Trish’s 2016 Tele Summit Teaching Session: Trish Broersma has been a therapeutic riding professional since 1988. She spent eleven years developing and conducting an innovative equine […]

Sheryl Brown

Sheryl Brown   Sheryl is an entrepreneur with a history of being involved in pioneering new approaches in the fields of health and fitness. She led one of the first corporate health and […]

Shelley Rosenberg

Shelley Rosenberg Shelley is the director of a new non-profit, My Horses, My Healers, Inc., offering sanctuary for horses and equine facilitated learning and psychotherapy for humans. She works as a consultant and […]

Natalie Allio

Natalie Allio, MA   Natalie wears many hats, literally and figuratively. Her favorite is her broad brimmed, buckaroo style, straw hat, worn every day at Badger Creek Ranch nestled high in the mountains […]

Michelle Holling-Brooks

Michelle Holling-Brooks   Michelle has been in the field of Equine Assisted Therapies as a certified professional since 2000, and a lifelong equestrian from a young age. After a life threating illness in […]

Kesia Nagata

Kesia Nagata When Kesia was still a teen she had her dreams come true – on a mom-enabled whim, she purchased a Quarter Horse mare, Amalia, from her aunt…with her college fund.  Amalia is […]

Joanne Byrnes

Joanne Byrnes   Jo, co-director at Peakgrove Solutions previously worked for 25 years as an air traffic controller. During this time, Joanne studied Masters of Gestalt therapy and Family Constellations. Joanne combined a […]