Answering the Call: Becoming Whole & Connected


2021 Healing with Horse Tele Summit & Online Symposium

This 7th Annual TeleSummit
~ A series of educational audio sessions ~
releases for FREE March 12th – 28th
followed by our first ever ONLINE Symposium April 22nd – 25th

These Online events offer timely education, ideas, Best Practices, uplifting support, a sense of community, and inspiration for your equine practice.

Worldwide, the pandemic has dramatically changed the behavior of an entire species–Homo Sapians. Us. With the individual, communal, national and international behavior and routine alterations, a visceral experience of uncertainty and restlessness that can perhaps be described as existential overwhelm or spiritual exhaustion is present in the energy of humanity. People who experience COVID-19 in some first-hand way–through their own illness or the illness of loved ones–have known intense uncertainty when what we knew about the virus was so little, and mainstream medical support–even support from friends and family–were unavailable.

We also know, though, that “doing nothing,” or even the shift in ways and places of work and social interacting–the experience of many globally–often leads to its own forms of either crisis or awakening to a new sort of creativity–or both. In this communal space in which internal, neurological and physiological activity may, for many, be an elevation to crisis states even while they may also feel bored or purposeless, our ability to calm our nervous system and maintain our grounding becomes the key to which space we find ourselves in internally–dis-ease or a calm state that allows for the circuitry of play, creativity, fexibility, and so forth to run our neurological synopses.

And so taking care of the self–and how to do that, with a focus on mental and emotional as well as physiological states–has become central. Have you ever noticed times when, no matter what a companion says, their words seem to irritate or isolate the person in crisis even more, despite their good intentions? And then another person can enter the space of that same triggered person, listen, and say nothing or even say the same thing, and their presence has an easing, befriending, grounding effect? This second effect, and the presence that is the source of its healing power, is the subject matter of our theme: Becoming Whole & Connected.

How to become the healer who can have such an effect on her or his clients, family, friends, coworkers, and collaborators, is the focus of this year’s Tele Summit and Symposium.

There is another aspect of our lives that this theme addresses. Aside from these human responses to a time of collective uncertainty, there is another profound global impact from the species-wide shift in behavior, a new path the pandemic has put us on. As an apex species, our collective change in behavior, for a year now and counting, will change ecosystems worldwide. We know that re-introducing an apex species, or alterations in its typical behavior, can also alter other species’ behaviors, which can alter the flora of the ecosystem…and even change the landscape, alter courses of rivers and streams, where there are meadows and where and what kinds of trees grow, and affect changes to every level of an ecosystem. And so our changed behaviors, as an apex species, will have impacts beyond those to humans alone.

And that will mean…what? Well, we don’t exactly know. The future will have an altered trajectory, across the planet. Already. No matter what else happens.

As animals who have always known what was coming sometimes long before their human partners, horses have been guiding us, seeing us to and through this time, all along. Others are finding that animals and nature provide the comfort, ease, and wellbeing that is so needed.

The pause in so much human doing that defined 2020 was an important step in a new paradigm coming into physical manifestation. Horse, as a spirit consciousness, sees what we’ve lost as a species and what we are healing individually–our nature. Horse will be among our guides.

Each individual horse, as a species that has chosen to befriend us and has allowed us to dictate the terms of its species-wide lifestyle, is doing his or her own work as well. Healers, heal thyselves–human and horse. Engage in relational, mutual healing. This too is the subject of this year’s Healing with Horse offerings.

Answering the Call: Becoming Whole & Connected

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FRIDAY, March 12 is opening day of the most all-encompassing, healing set of voices in our field–many of them familiar, like Linda Kohanov, Juli Lynch, Molly DePrekel, Pam Allen LeBlanc, Jess Campmans, Eva Usadi, and Alejandra Lara.

And many, you may find, speak like the friend you’ve been looking for, the friend you’ve wanted as much as needed, the friend you knew but didn’t know where she or he resided. The one you’ve been carrying quietly, having not found them in this world, even in this vocational field. Until now.

As with every year, the Collective calls in the voices that Horse–as a spirit and an energy within all horses–has been asking to be heard. The speakers giving voice to these truths and experiences will, I suspect, both validate and articulate things you’ve not found in words, but know deeply, yet simply, in your heart. It is their time. Namaste.

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