A Message from Solaz

Solaz, the mustang featured in the video below, was adopted by a good friend when I adopted his half-brother Denny. Now 15, Solaz remains with my herd, supported by his remarkable owner who is proud to have Solaz serving humans from far and wide.

Solaz makes bonds with humans one person at a time, always seeking, even initiating a heart connection with anyone he comes in contact with, from his farrier to clients. Solaz has been dubbed the Heart Horse by the young women in a program where I worked, and that name continues to come up from people who never heard it before.

Though Solaz was started under saddle when he was three, his talent as a therapy horse, his wildness and instinctual reactions to saddles and mounted work, and the support of his owner have never made such training a priority. Recently, however, Solaz has wanted to return to riding training. The experience below results from this summer’s training.

I hope you enjoy this very special experience, and the message Solaz shares for all of us.

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